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Pleiadian Message July 2024

Beloved ones we greet you,


Vast forces are at work as the wheel turns with the next phase of your transition on Earth to begin. You, Earth is to enter another cycle of evolution at the end of this month, which is designed to shift you into another level of consciousness. A series of veils are destined to lift at this juncture.


This lifting of the veils will allow another level of higher light to stream within the planet, creating an illumination of understanding. The illusion will start to dissolve allowing you to begin to remember on another level. Like awakening from a dream, you will begin to glimpse an aspect of your sacredness. You will simply open into moments of ‘knowing’.


In this new phase so called miracles will take place.  Your experience of ordinary moments will become extraordinary in the way that you perceive life. Every moment has always contained magic within the multidimensional realms. Within this framework you will begin to witness the importance of your human experience and begin to appreciate your human idiosyncrasies. To shift your perceptions of your human journey is an essential step to self- realization.


Take moments within your Heart in stillness. Prepare to receive yourself through your Heart. Answering the call right now involves you returning to a deepened Heart connection. Remember through your Heart you re-enter the very central link to the universal God consciousness state.


We witness you in the light.



The Pleiadians