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The powerful and heartbreaking personal story of Christine Day has inspired audiences throughout the world. Born and raised in Australia, Christine experienced a traumatic childhood involving cult ritual abuse. In 1986, following a diagnosis of advanced systemic lupus, and having been told she had just two months to live, Christine experienced a profound spiritual awakening with the Pleiadians, which enabled her to move into a place of self healing. She has now been symptom free for the last twenty-six years.

“In 1994 I had my first experience connecting and communicating with the Pleiadians. It sounds extraordinary, I know, but this is exactly how it happened.

I was out walking in nature. I turned a corner into a meadow and found myself staring at a huge space ship about 20 meters away from me. Coming out of the ship was a group of Pleiadians. As they moved towards me they were greeting me telepathically. I was immediately filled with an overwhelming sense of their love for me; a love that instantly awoke within me a deep remembrance of my Pleiadian heritage. I recognized my Pleiadian family and I was brought into the memory of what I had pre-agreed to do on this earth plane in this lifetime.

With startling clarity, I instantly remembered my mission here: I was to act as a Pleiadian ambassador here on this earth plane. My role was to be a bridge between the Pleiadians and humans; to create a deeper understanding and awareness of the existence of the Pleiadians, so that we, as human beings, would have an opportunity to open up and receive the support that they can bring us. Their support is essential for us to fulfill our own mission during this powerful time of transition on our earth plane.

My most important role was to bring an understanding to the Pleiadians of how we need to process as human beings. This understanding was necessary for the Pleiadians, and would allow them to create a series of ‘light initiations’ that could work for us and allow us to be able to receive these light initiations and self- birth, while bypassing the human ego.

I don’t remember getting home that day and as I began to digest my first overwhelming experience with the Pleiadians. I went through a powerful and life changing metamorphosis within. My Pleiadian aspect integrated energetically throughout my system, changing my energetic makeup. My emotional process was challenged on a human level, I was trying to take in what had happened and coming to terms with who I was and the monumental task of what I was to achieve.

On an emotional level it was difficult for me to accept the whole Pleiadian story. Know that before this experience I didn’t believe in aliens and space ships, so this experience was so huge that I couldn’t pretend it hadn’t happened to me. My human part was in conflict! Of course my spiritual part was in total acceptance. Then days later two Angels came to me, they said, “the Pleiadians are part of the God consciousness, as we are, as you are… we are one!” As they spoke there was so much love present and I knew this was a Truth. Something changed for me in that moment, and I moved into a place of acceptance. I could move forward then to do what was mine to do!

Over the past two and a half decades, Christine has become internationally renowned as the “Pleiadian Ambassador”, as a gifted spiritual teacher, healer and channel. She is globally renowned for her powerful and life changing Transmissions of Light that she channels from the Pleiadians. She inspires people with a clear frequency of Truth that she transmits out as she speaks. She carries a pure energy of love that can be experienced throughout the audience.

She has been traveling world-wide bringing two individual bodies of cutting edge healing methods that she channel from the Pleiadians - Amanae and Frequencies of Brilliance.

Christine has been initiated by the Pleiadians in the Shamanic traditions and has lead many vision quests in different areas of the world.

And has been working closely with the Pleiadians and Galactic Community to create high frequency Communication Portals for transmissions.

Christine’s three books Pleiadian Initiations of Light,  Pleiadian Principles for Living, and The Pleiadian Promise brings the latest teachings from the Pleaidians to a worldwide audience.

The Pleiadians and Christine present 3-Day Pleiadian Seminars on-line via Zoom. These advanced level Pleiadian Light Initiations are being offered so that all who feel called can experience the multi-dimensional setting that the Pleiadians have configured specifically to assist us in accessing higher truth and knowledge. Each Seminar is designed to align us with the changing dimensional energies as they are being birthed on the Earth Plane. Each event is totally unique, and presents an opportunity to benefit from entirely new processes.

Christine regularly offers live Pleiadian Transmissions through her monthly Podcast and her popular Pleiadian Broadcasts, which are aired at regular intervals throughout the year, and are available free here.

Christine’s work with the Pleiadians is available through a series of online audio/visual classes which are available in the store. Each series of classes offers unlimited opportunities for you to have a direct experience of the work and receive levels of healing and support in your unfoldment.