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Communication Portal

The Pleiadians and the full Galactic community are playing a major role with planet earth at this time. This community brings their presence forward now to support mankind by giving you unique access through the Communication Portal to enable those of us who are awake and ready to interact and activate pre-agreement alliances.

The Communication Portal has birthed and is now anchored in Grand Marais, MN., the first phase in the building of a powerful receiving station. This Portal has the ability to transmit outwards as well as into those individuals ready to receive for an accelerated process of reconnection through you and out to the entire universal community. Simultaneously you are realigned to your pure Source/ higher self-potential.

Through the Communication Portal, you have the opportunity to:

  • Utilize and activate your own pre-agreement reconnections with the universal and Galactic community.
  • Accelerate your own enlightenment process.
  • Activate a re-calibration of light frequency through the body, rejuvenating the cells for self-healing.
  • Activate full crystalline structure in your physical body.
  • Re-activate telepathic abilities.

A three-dimensional sacred geometric antenna system has been created from the series of channeled portal templates to successfully allow individuals and/or groups to interact directly through the Communication Portal. 

Listen to Christine talk about the Pleiadian Communication Portal:

Listen to Christine talk about how to work with the Portal:


To discover more about the Communication Portal and the work of Gregory & Gail Hoag


  • I am so grateful to have been part of this series with all of you, I hope that there will be more in the future. Love & Light to you all.

    Bill H

  • WOW, this experience has been and continues to be so powerful. It has changed everything. I am in my body and my consciousness in a different way, I am in the world in a different way. I feel released from the shackles of a purely 3-D existence and I can live my life being in the world but not of the world. I relate to people from a more loving, open and accepting place. I am a much more powerful force in my life and feel I can serve the world in a far greater capacity in these times. I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to participate and I truly hope that you get to share this with many, many others who also can become a powerful force in bringing forth the planetary evolution we are so longing to co-create together. THANK YOU!!

    Jackie P

  • These teleseminars are so profoundly wonderful to experience and re-experience that they are beyond any words I know that can express their magnificence. I feel connected to humanity, earth, other beings in the universe like never ever before. For me, it especially makes me feel safe. Safe. That is a feeling that has previously been missing from my life since childhood. I feel like I am not alone. For the very first time, I feel like I have support. These new feelings are coloring everything I do, everywhere I go. I am so grateful. There is more, but I really don't know how to put it in words.


  • I remember in the midst of the programs thinking, oh, wow, this is real! I felt overcome with marvel & with gratitude during the experiences, because they are experience not only talk. Profound, Sacred.

    I actually don't have words good enough. This teleseminar was a magnificent gift I gave myself & thanks for download capability so that I can re-gift again.


  • Even though I did not attend the live programs I did feel and sense being connected to the group. When I do the hand position in combination with the activation breath 3 times blowing into the rectangle of the hands , it transforms and I am connected to the dimensional shift and am more aware and in union.

    Gerald F