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Language of Light Module I – Sacred Forms

In this series of specially prepared videos, I will personally be guiding you energetically within each separate initiation. Part of my role is to make energetic adjustments to assist you in opening to deeper alignments within your self.


Energetic Symbols will be presented to you, and you will be guided into energetic doorways within the Symbols where you will receive multi-dimensional initiations. Within these dimensional spaces you will begin to connect to aspects of your own light energy. When you journey within the doorways of light contained within each Symbol you will begin to re-align to your own unique frequency of light. As you anchor this frequency of light into the cells of your body, the cells will begin to awaken. You may experience this as an awareness or sensation of pulsing within your cells, like a heartbeat of light. As you awaken to this heartbeat, your cells will begin to transmit your own unique light frequency out into the universe. You are then recognized through your unique frequency and received by the Collective Consciousness. Each Symbol has its own specific energetic Aura. As you are guided to bring your consciousness further into the Aura, you will be initiated into a deeper place within the symbol, within your self, receiving your awakening.


Each Symbol is accompanied by its own Sacred Sound. As you work with these Sacred Sounds, you create a frequency that is uniquely yours, and which is recognized and received by the Symbol, and acknowledged by the entire Universe. Your unique frequency of sound acts like a key to a door within the Symbol, giving you access into energetic chambers that hold sacred aspects for you to recollect.  You move into the chamber to access the ‘light Initiations’ that are uniquely yours to receive now for your next step. It is important to note that each individual has their own unique experience, and hence each class is designed especially for you.

Your Sacred Sound creates a resonance within your cells, which facilitates a rejuvenation and healing of your physical body. Your cells have been waiting for this cellular awakening process. The more you work with your Sacred Sound, the more you will merge with the natural light that the sound embodies.


As you begin to master working with the Symbols and Sacred Sounds, there is a specific Hand Mudra. This Hand Mudra is designed to open up another dimensional birthing element to deepen your journey. Each Hand Mudra is an avenue to create a powerful alignment to different dimensions of light.

As you become one with each aspect of the Mudra you will actually begin to move into a deeper connection and understanding of your self. This process subtly anchors you into a higher realm setting where you can stabilize in your life.

There are many different aspects and energies to be experienced through the phases of the hand movements within each Hand Mudra.

The sacred synergy of the Sounds, Symbols and Hand Mudra’s bring you into a natural expansion of fluidity that enables you to navigate back into your multi-dimensional self and to receive higher levels of your own light.

Since each one of us is naturally a part of this unity of light, the initiations make it possible for us to return back home.

This IS “The Language of Light.”

Note: Each Module in the series is a “stand alone” course. You can take these Modules in any order.

The Modules do not have to be done sequentially. They are set up to be intensive courses for you to move through at your own pace. Each Module consists of eight video classes that are designed to move you through an accelerated awakening. You choose the Module that feels right for your next step!