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Self Liberation Releasing Process

Set Yourself Free

This series consists of three half hour video classes.

In 2015 I found myself being taken off planet. Nine days later I was returned to the house in a completely transformed state. I did not recognize myself, nothing was familiar and this was a new beginning.

I was merged into the Higher Realm settings of myself for deeper initiation. In this pure space I was aligned to a higher authority of my Self. I was initiated to work with the higher realm gifts. Enabling me to be able to work out in the world carrying a higher authority for transformation with individuals or groups that would bring profound change.

This off planet experience brought me into yet another transformational step within myself. I became aware of another essential aspect of my mission on another level and my commitment was held in a different space of energy. My understanding and clarity of my role here was complete. No more questions, no more wondering. Just being.

I found myself in a complete state of freedom from my human aspect, no interference from the 3rd dimensional ego mind. Through this deep process of re-alignment a new level of communication lines were birthed through me. This process filtered through a clear and concise light form of energy, enabling me to bring forth higher levels of teachings for all to receive.

From my transformation, and this higher authority that was given to me I am now able to simply lift off old sabotaging patterns that keep you in a restricted and limited experience in your own life.

Karma is no longer in operation here on our earth plane because of the acceleration of our transition here on the planet. So now is the time for your own self-liberation to come into play.

Through the old belief systems and sabotaging patterns that you still hold in your body from this lifetime and other lifetimes, you keep yourself in a limited restricted place to what you can have. You cannot fully move into a state of full receivership of your own natural abundance.

The shame, guilt, betrayal, trying to do things perfectly in order to be loved, not feeling worthy, not feeling like you deserve the love…. All these feelings are holding you back in life now. Affecting your health and preventing you from claiming and receiving your natural abundance.

Hi Christine, I just completed the entire Self Liberation class and wanted to express my deep Gratitude to you for sharing these powerful, transforming processes and energies with us! I so desire to share my unique gifts with the world and the activations you share are helping me to heal and slowly open to the unlimited potentials within me. I feel a greater connection to the Whole of the Universe and this brings me much Joy and Excitement!! Thank you for being courageous and sharing your Gifts! Much Love, Blessings, and a big hug to you! 🙂 Lori

Hello To Team of Christine!! I have done a first round of the 3 part Self Liberation program! and I have to say that I am Totally Amazed by the New Energetics of Love, Peace, Joy and Ecstasy that are flowing through me! I am so happy that I have Found IT!: My Source Consciousness! I have been looking for IT for sooo long!! I can’t believe the awakening that is ongoing is happening. It is almost like there is so much energy that I don’t know what to do with it!! I will definitely continue with the Galactic Series and the Language of Light Series later on when I can buy it. I can’t wait for more awakenings! Much Peace and Love and Joy and Happiness to All/ Gabriel