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Self Healing II

The Pleiadians take you through step-by-step initiation processes designed to recalibrate and realign your energies to your higher Self. This enables you to begin to channel directly from the Higher Realms sourcing your pure source energy for Self-Healing your physical body.

You initiate with a sacred multidimensional healing pattern and learn how to work with this patterning, placing it into areas of your body that require healing. With the use of high frequency sound you can channel this energy activating this healing pattern through you, for optimal healing of your systems. 

These classes carry multidimensional initiations, which means there are unlimited opportunities for you to access new levels of your Higher Self to channel these healing energies within you.

NOTE:  It is advisable to work with the Self Healing1 before taking these classes. 

The Pleiadians say, “We are here to self heal, no one else can heal us.”

Cost: $55.00


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