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For those new to the Pleiadians, can you briefly explain who they are and why we should take note of their presence?

The Pleiadians are here at the moment on our Earth plane and they are bringing their energies here to support us in these changing times, in this new dawning that is taking place on our Earth plane. We are going through a birthing of a new dimensional consciousness on the planet. The Pleiadians are here to work with not only the Earth’s energy, but with each one of us if we are willing to open up for the support that they bring. Part of that is just holding space around us to birth ourselves. They are not bringing anything to us. They are assisting us in birthing ourselves. They call this time the New Dawning, and they say we are the New Dawning, that every human being is a New Dawning and is part of the birthing of consciousness that is going on. So that is their commitment, to work with individuals and the collective energy on the Earth.

For people who may be new to the spiritual path, explain what it actually means to “awaken".

"It is a remembrance process. Awakening is the gradual opening up and understanding of ourselves as being more than this limited human aspect living on this third dimensional illusion. There is this shift in consciousness taking place on the planet, birthing from the third dimensional planet to a fourth- and fifth-dimensional planet. It is bringing us slowly awake into remembering that we are interconnected with other human beings, that we are interconnected to the natural forces, to the Earth, to the Sun, to the trees and the plants. We have this interconnected consciousness, this Goddess, within us. It’s about slowly waking up and having direct experiences, suddenly feeling a deep loving connection with Nature, with another human being and understanding they’re not alone. Part of that waking up is understanding that we actually have incredible, unlimited abilities to create and be magical creatures. The third dimensional mind, the ego-mind, is not who we are. As we connect to our heart, we start to connect and remember our magical aspect of ourselves. That is what is taking place. Birthing back to our heart actually is a very simple process. It’s not complicated. In the process of feeling your heart and connecting to the Spirit of yourself you remember and wake up to your magic. Fear doesn’t exist in that magic. That’s really a very third-dimensional thing, the fear, the struggle, the tiredness, the belief that we don’t have enough. All of that is connected to the ego-mind. There is a lot of fear out there, especially a lot of fear being put out about these changing times. And the fact is, there is nothing to be afraid of, because when we connect to that part of ourselves that is magical, then we are able to relax and rest in this changing place, in the birthing that’s going on.

What takes place for an individual who attends the three-day Pleiadian event?

A tremendous transformation takes place. There is an accelerated awakening of the individual, and any person who comes begins to align and awaken during those three days. They go through a very deep awakening process that maintains after they leave the seminar, so it’s a huge step forward for whoever wants to come in. Physical healings take place in these events, and for many people there’s some very, very deep reconnections to their own aspect of their light, so they start awakening and remembering who they are in that fourth- and fifth-dimensional state. There’s also a very strong interconnection between the people who come, a unique bonding and expansion within the group itself. It is a group dynamic, and there is a unique dynamic for each individual. There’s a group initiation, and then there’s an individual initiation with the light, and it seems to call in soul groups. I see groups of people connecting and meeting, and then after the seminar, networking with each other in a very strong way, so that’s very nice, too. They also get to form a deeper relationship with the Pleiadians at the seminar, so that when they leave they are connected to a Pleiadian team that will go on working with them after the seminar. This is part of the support that people agree to at the seminar. If they don’t want that connection with the Pleaidians, they don’t have to have it, but there is a moment in the workshop when they put up their hand and the Pleiadians read the energy through the palm of their hand and a Pleiadian team is given to each person who says yes to it.

We also work with the spiritual realms there at the Pleiadian seminar. They enter in force because the Pleiadians set an energetic grid in the whole room. Angels and light beings can walk one-on-one with the people, as well. Participants also learn how to work in the dimensional crystal vortex. The Pleiadians guide me to dial these huge crystals, and as they’re moved, a dimensional energy opens up. It’s like a womb is created that births each person back into that remembering place, and they have that experience of coming back to themselves and remembering and being able to anchor and maintain that connection with themselves. We have a teaching dialogue from the Pleiadians and a space for channeled answers for questions that are asked. We also work with the energetic matrix, which is a geometrical process. The Pleiadians design sacred designs and everyone sits within that matrix and goes through a very deep process of union with consciousness.

So at these events, there are a lot of different processes that go on. People are really going through rapid transformation, but it’s very gentle. Each person is uniquely working within themselves at their own pace, so it’s not like there’s too much energy for people to digest. They take what they can handle, so there’s integrating processes throughout the workshop. It’s very special.

What is your role with the Pleiadians? Are you Pleiadian yourself?

Yes, I have a Pleiadian aspect. I have absolutely come here to have a human experience, but on top of that I have a very strong Pleiadian aspect and connection. The Pleiadians see me as an ambassador for them on this planet at this time, representing them and acting as a bridge between, educating humans that the Pleiadians exist and they are here to support and making human beings aware that that support is available. But also I act as a bridge another way. Through my experiences in this body, the Pleiadians have learned more about human beings and how they can design these energies, what they call light initiations, to support the human being; how it can be user-friendly for the human being to be able to utilize what they have to bring us. So, that has been part of my contract here.

Are there other ambassadors for Pleiadians here on Earth?

I’m sure there are, but I don’t know of any. I haven’t connected to them, but it makes sense that I haven’t because I think we’re all pretty busy. There’s a lot of work going on and I know I’m not the only one. I’m sure I’m not the only one.

Would you say the same response to the question about other star brethren who may be in contact with humans providing other assistance, aside from what the Pleiadians are offering?

Oh, yes. The Pleiadians are working in alignment with a lot of other star system energy people who are coming in, too. You see, the whole universe has focused its attention on planet Earth right now because of this incredible shift we are going through. The Pleiadians see themselves as part of a collective team of extraterrestrial energies that are here to support what we are going through here.

You’ve said that the Pleiadians call this time the New Dawning, and you indicate that “as we experience Earth changes outwardly, simultaneous changes are taking place inwardly ourselves.” Can you elaborate on what’s actually going on?

Yes, this is really an important point because what’s happening relates to every earthquake anywhere on the Earth plane or any volcanic activity that takes place. The Pleiadians give me a picture, almost like a door opening and a beam of light hits the Earth, and the Earth in that moment moves a little bit more out of third dimension and births the fourth- and fifth-dimensional energy. This is what’s gradually happening at a very slow rate. As that energy opens, it also affects our energetic field and the cells in our body. You see, our cells also are going through a new dawning process. As the Pleiadians say, we have a transmitter in ourselves that actually is birthing, waking up. It’s actually beginning to have a pulse or a heartbeat with the birthing of this new dimensional energy. Every time there’s an earthquake or volcanic activity, the transmitter within every cell begins to pulse – and it’s sending out an energy of light, light that is of our own, unique frequency, because every one of us has a unique frequency of light that is recognized by the universe. We don’t know about it, but it is unique. And that little pulse in every cell begins to pulse out like a heartbeat pulsing out our true frequency of light. As that’s happening, it affects the energetic field and the physical nature of the body. Our bodies are going through both a physical transformation and an energetic transformation. For some people, that is creating some really strange feelings inside. Now, if you are consciously aware of this volcano or this earthquake that’s happened, you know there’s been a birthing and there’s been a shift in your own body. What you need to do is lie down on the Earth, open up to the Sun or the wind, and breathe and allow a conscious integration of this birthing process. The more conscious you are about it, the more you allow yourself to birth more quickly. But you need a conscious integration.

The Pleiadians have channeled an energy through to me that I transmitted out and recorded – an audio channeling available free on my website for people to download and listen to – that also integrates the body. You can do it that way, or you can do it with the Earth itself and with the energy of the natural forces. But it’s imperative right now that we start to consciously birth ourselves in alignment with the Earth as this is happening. If you do that, it’s really going to be a much more smoother process to navigate through these Earth changes.

For people who are going through the process consciously, what are the signs that they may be moving out of the third dimension, moving into fourth- and fifth-dimensional consciousness?

There are a number of things that can be happening, and one of them may be a sense that time seems to be changing. One moment things seem to be moving really fast, and at other times it feels like time has stopped, so the illusion of time is changing. It’s becomes apparent when you get up in the morning that time is going to go fast or slow. You look at the clock and half an hour has gone by and it feels like a couple of minutes. Or, you can look at the clock and it’s almost like it doesn’t seem to be moving at all. That’s part of the new dawning energy, this third dimensional breakdown. Time isn’t something we can depend on anymore.

You also may feel lightheaded or disorientated on some level. Because the third dimension is almost melting away, you can’t hang on to the ego-mind stories quite as easily. Your memory of your past may become kind of blurry, because as the third dimension leaves, our stories leave. We hang onto notions that this is who I am, but it’s really not who we are. The third dimension is starting to blur, and our stories may be blurring, as well.

There are other things. You may have a very strong connection to the natural forces. You’ll be outside and all of a sudden it feels like you’re just part of something, that it’s like you’ve moved into nature and you can feel how the natural energy is coming into you, that there’s no separation, like a wall has dissolved between you and the natural forces, perhaps just for a moment of time.

Physical changes are taking place in the body. Your body might shake at times, or you might feel really like vulnerable at times, and that is because we’re moving back into a fluid state. Our natural state is more fluid, more fourth and fifth dimensional where we’re not solid objects. We know we’re not, but we start to experience our fluidity, and feel a little more vulnerable in that, and that may happen just for a moment and then more often. You may sit in a room and suddenly everything seems to be fluid around you. That’s that fourth- and fifth-dimensional energy birthing, but it’s you moving towards it. The veils are lifting and you’re starting to become more of that fourth- and fifth-dimensional energy of yourself.

It’s important that we drink a lot of water. We may not feel like eating as much. A lot of people say to me that they feel like they are going a little crazy, that things just don’t seem like they have in the past. That’s just the shift of dimensional energy. The electrical circuits in our brains are changing and our electrical energy is changing right through the cells. That transmitter activating through our cells with this change is creating a new electrical energy through our bodies.

A lot of people are experiencing physical symptoms. They go to the doctor and nothing can be diagnosed. Many people are just feeling strange. There are a lot of different experiences in our physical body, in the way we can think, the way we see things. Just take a conscious breath and breathe and just let go and open up consciously to the birthing, for that creates a really much smoother navigation through this time.

Do you get questions about how long this is going to take place, this feeling of disorientation? Will it take place for years?

Yes, I get that question a lot because some people want it to go away. A lot of people do not want this to happen. They just want to go along in life like they always have, and that’s just not going to happen. That time is over. I encourage people to breathe into their hearts. Drink water and just open up consciously to the change. It’s about getting used to feeling differently, rather than going back to the old. There’s no going back. We’re already going through a tunnel and the doors are closing behind us. We may as well just go forward as quickly as we can, as far as I’m concerned. It’s about just accepting where we are and knowing we are on a really grand adventure. It’s just the time to breathe and let go. The more you fight against it, the more difficult it appears. It’s like swimming upstream in a current. The people I’m working with right now worldwide are all experiencing this intensity, but they’re all working with it very consciously, too, and that helps a lot.

I think we’re looking over a period of four to five years of it coming in, peaking, and going out. And, it will get easier as we go, because once you’re in the middle of it and you start to open consciously, then you begin to be able to really flow with it and be much more relaxed in it. I think the beginning stages are more difficult than the middle and the end stages.

Do any transformations take place collectively, radiating out from live events?

Yes, absolutely they do. People who attend learn how to build the energy. They are given sacred sounds in the workshop. Every person who makes that sound has a unique frequency of their own sound that births and opens, and so as they chant with this sound, each person brings in his or her unique frequency to the whole. Waves of energy are built through that and then those waves of energy go out onto the planet. It’s a very beautiful energy and very touching. Very sacred. And there’s a lot of love present in the process.

Can you give us a kind of an idea of what role the Pleiadians have been doing on earth.

Yes, absolutely. The main work they are doing right now is to assist us with working with the dimensional shifts that are happening here on the planet. They are really here to help with the Earth’s transition, from a third-dimensional planet to one that is of the fourth and fifth dimension, that is taking place. We have been talking about these dimensional shifts coming, but they have actually begun.

So the Pleiadians are opening up and anchoring grid lines on the Earth to assist with the transition, but most importantly they have anchored what they call the self-healing prophecy energy onto the planet to assist us in the transition, in our personal transition from moving from a third dimensional reality into a fourth, fifth dimensional reality with the planet. We are birthing with the Earth. This self-healing prophecy energy is lifting the veils and opening up a grace period for us to awaken at an accelerated rate, really being able to let go of the illusions on this planet, the illusions about ourselves, and assisting us in birthing ourselves more completely into an expanded awareness.

For those who are unaware, who are the Pleiadians? How did you first connect with them? What do they look like and what dimension they are operating from?

They operate from a fifth dimensional space, which is an unconditional loving space, so they have evolved as a race. I had my first conscious contact with them around 1996. They had been working with me before that time, but I don’t think I was personally ready or evolved enough to be able to deal with the direct contact until then, and so they waited until I was ready to be able to process a direct contact with them. What happened at that time was that I had just been walking in nature and I turned a corner into an open meadow and there was this huge ship. They came out of the ship and gathered around me energetically, for me to have a direct remembrance of my commitment to work with them as a part of my mission here on this earth plane in this lifetime, a reminder that I have a Pleiadian aspect to myself.

I came into full remembrance of that at that time, and they spent a long time with me talking about my mission and what they were here to do. I was to act as an ambassador for them on this planet, helping them understand the human aspect and also helping human beings to understand their aspect, so I work with them. They bring in initiations for human beings. Many of my students throughout the world work with them directly. There is a gathering of them with us, the human race. They work with us – through me in my humanness – and they have learned what we need as human beings for them to be able to work effectively with us in these initiations, so they appeared to me.

They are human in form on one level, but they vibrate at a rate making them appear as a brilliant light form, very tall and thin, but in a kind of human form.

My connection with them since that time of my first connection has been on a daily basis, so I am very connected with them, very linked up with them on a permanent basis since that time, very consciously.

Primarily from a telepathic standpoint?

Always telepathic, but very much physically, as well. There is the constant connection where they have been initiating me very strongly over the years, and I have come into a very high level of awakening from that. I have actually aligned with my own Pleiadian aspect in this physical body. It took six years for me to integrate that fully. They continue to feed me understanding and knowledge, so I have really birthed back into a lot of my own aspect of myself, my higher level of myself. So it is a very deep personal connection that I have with them, as well as the working relationship that I have with them.

I’m guessing that your first experience with them was a pretty powerful one. What were you feeling at the time?

It was pretty shocking, to be honest. What had happened was that I had been diagnosed with systemic lupus and was given a very short time to live. At that time, I had what I call a spiritual awakening. I thought it was God and Spirit that had healed me. Up to the time of meeting the Pleiadians, I was working with God. I felt this incredible loving energy that was working with me and through me.

At the time of meeting the Pleiadians I did not believe in aliens or space ships. It was something I really just did not believe in. So when I was faced with this truth – and this direct experience with them, which was so intense and so full on that I could not deny it – I was really put into a spiral of high distress, because I was filled with such a light that I don’t even remember getting home that day after being with them. I found myself lying in bed, and for two months I was just filled with this harsh, brilliant light. I had no sense of myself, no sense of my physical form. I couldn’t feel the sun on me, the wind on me. I was in this energetic space, and at the same time I was very distressed trying to come to terms with this Pleiadian connection and my mission and God and Spirit.

I really didn’t want it, but there it was. It was about six weeks into that that I was visited by this group of angels that actually spoke to me and shared with me that the Pleiadians are part of the Oneness, the loving aspect, the collective consciousness, and there was no separation between God and Spirit and them and me. I was given this understanding of a Oneness, and that put me to rest and help me go through an adjustment period where I could actually start opening up to the truth of that. It helped a lot. Once I moved out of this whole energy spiral that I was in, this brilliance, this light, I came back to more of a normal aspect of myself where I could walk in the world and feel my body again and become Christine and come to terms with the truth of what I had been given. Gradually, I moved into the awakening process in a much more relaxed way, but it was very distressing and difficult to begin with.

I’m guessing that that high level of fear that we see on the planet now is to be expected during this time of transition from the third dimension to the fifth?

Absolutely! It is something that comes in hand. But what the Pleiadians with whom I working – and a lot of the messages in the channeled work that I am doing – say is that they want us to understand how fear works through us as a human being and how to transfer our knee-jerk reaction to fear, how to change the way we meet fear, and to utilize it more in a positive way. They are asking us to change, to look at the perception of what fear is for us in our world, and how to shift our reactions to fear. They want us to see that it is just a feeling, that it cannot hurt us to learn to feel the fear, but keep moving forward and working with fear in a different way. It can serve us rather than stop us and hold us in a contracted way.

With fear, we contract our hearts, and much of the work they are doing now involves asking us to learn not to contract our hearts as we feel the fear, but to open our hearts towards the fear and learn that it really cannot hurt us. They say we can live differently with that fear by working with it to come to a different place with the fear. I think that is a very important part of the transition that is coming, and they are bringing a new understanding of this transition.

You see, there have been a lot of messages around this change that is coming, and a lot of the messages are very fear based. The Pleiadians are seeing this not as something that we have to be afraid of, but something that we have to move with as we go along. I love the level of understanding they are bringing around this shift that is coming, around the changing times.

It is a birth and a transition, but it does not have to be anything to be afraid of. This deeper understanding that they are bringing helps people understand the full picture of the transition itself. People can then feel more knowing that the fear can drop away, that they can personally start taking – not control – but part in that transition. Your personal transition can be something that you work with in an alignment with the Earth, not in a fear-based way. 

In the audio CDs that come with your book, there is some language that sounds familiar to what I have heard from other channelers. Is that Pleiadian language, and what effect does our hearing that language and the toning on the CDs have on our transformation?

It has a very big effect. The tones themselves help break up the blocks we have in our bodies, where we have our ego/mind barriers in our bodies. It helps to break that up and assist us in our awakening. The language itself speaks directly to the soul essence of each one of us and helps bring that soul essence forward so we start to begin to align to our sacredness, to our natural spiritual nature, our divine essence.

Do Pleiadians exist in physical form on the planet, appearing to others on the planet?

Since I took on my role consciously, a lot of human beings who have a Pleiadian aspect to them have been drawn to me and the work and have come into an awakening themselves, different from me, but in a way that they have started to understand and connect to the Pleiadians in a very deep, personal way. Now, many students, probably 80 percent of my students in the world, have learned how to work with the Pleiadians and form personal relationships with them. So the Pleiadians are working with them in their healing work and their personal awakening.

Now they have opened it up through the book so that everybody who wants to read the book and is willing to connect to the Pleiadians can do so. The Pleiadians committed to open up a personal relationship with all human beings that are willing to do that.

They say that it is not the time to appear to the human masses, because what they see is a lot of fear on the earth plane. Fear is a very strong component with a lot of human beings at this time, and they said there is so much fear on the planet that they don’t intend to add to that fear by just appearing to the masses yet. There will be a time when they will be our conscious neighbors as the shifts take place, but the fear level that is running here on the planet at this time is really very strong.

Fear is one of our greatest illusions here as a human being, and they don’t wish to add to that, so they are coming towards the humans who are ready to receive them on a personal level. Many of the students do see the Pleiadians in physical form, and some of them in just thought transference and direct contact through healing as they are assisted in their awakening. It varies from person to person.

Is there an integration time that is important as we move through the chapters and initiations contained within your book?

You are absolutely right. There is absolutely an integration time, and it is important not to move forward until you get a sense, “Okay, I am ready for the next one.” Because you are going through an awakening on different levels, you need a full integration to fully appreciate the next chapter and the next track on the CD. Move through at your own pace, allowing your gradual awakening. They accelerate as you move through the book, and by chapter 3 or 4, you have the first opportunity to sit with the Pleiadians and work with them and begin to align with them and awaken yourself. They will sit with you and you can develop a personal relationship with them. The book is designed for you to go through your initiations and develop a person connection with the Pleiadians.

Some people are afraid and they don’t want that personal connection to the Pleiadians, so the book also is designed for those people who choose not to have that personal connection with them. You can work with other spiritual energies. This book allows you to work with a sacred geometry that allows you to move out of third-dimensional reality into the fourth- and fifth-dimensional reality. As you align in those dimensions, it allows the spiritual realms – the angels, the light beings and the masters – to come in and work with you on a very strong level. You meet them more on their level, away from the illusion of the third dimension.

My energies also can work if they call me forward, so everyone has opportunities to align with me on a personal level energetically, or with the spiritual realm, or with the Pleiadians, or with all of us. My energies have transformed to the point where I work with thousands of people at once throughout this earth plane. It is just part of my gift that I have been able to unfold into, so I can also be present with anybody who is reading the book energetically, who calls on my higher level of my consciousness.

The book is here to support people in their unfoldment and awakening of themselves. To me, the Pleiadians have created really something very beautiful and they have this ability to design initiations that are perfect for us as human beings for our unfoldment, and I am really grateful for that.

Do you know if other off-planet beings are offering other initiations for people at this time?

I’m absolutely sure they are. I’m not connected to those. When I say not connected, I’m not involved in those. I am involved in the Pleiadian energies, but it is not that they are separate. There are many, many different energies working here on the earth plane and they are all working in alignment with each other. There is a mutual alignment talking place for these Earth changes. The whole universe is supporting the Earth right now.

People ask, “Well, what are they getting out of this? Why on earth are they taking all this interest?” The fact is, we are all part of the Oneness, and for us to evolve right now has impact on the universal consciousness. The Pleiadians give me a picture of this huge, jeweled mandala, and each one of us as human beings are a jewel in that mandala, and each of us is required. And as we awaken, we can take our place and activate that jewel that we are, that unique essence that we are. As we do that, the universal consciousness can be more complete, this jeweled mandala can be more complete.

Everyone does have an interest in us awakening, and so I find it a beautiful orchestration, like a symphony that is taking place – a sacred symphony that is taking place as we go through this awakening. That’s why the Pleiadians are saying they don’t want us to be afraid. They want us to consciously work. It’s hard work. Any birth is hard, but we are all going to be going through this birthing time, and it is something very sacred and divine that is taking place, not something that is horrific and terrifying.

What is a Pleiadian’s perspective of us as human beings? When they think of us, how do they describe us?

That is a very good question, and it is a very important point. They see us as human beings as very courageous, and one of their biggest messages for us right now is for us as human beings to start turning back towards ourselves and holding ourselves with love and compassion for our humanness.

We need to honor ourselves as human beings and know that we are perfectly imperfect, that we were always meant to be imperfect in what we do, because we learn through our mistakes. They say that part of our awakening process is to honor ourselves in our imperfection and to hold ourselves with love and compassion and patience as we have our human experience here. That is part of what we have come here to do, to have this experience of our imperfection and learn and let go of our mistakes and resurrect ourselves.

As human beings, we have condemned ourselves for the things we have not done or the things we should have said or the things that we feel we have done incorrectly in our lives. But each choice has brought us to who we are in this moment – all the ways we have lived, all the mistakes we have made.

One of the biggest messages they are giving us is that we have come here to resurrect ourselves and to hold ourselves in that compassion, in that loving embrace. That’s what they want us to do right now as part of these changing times. Turn back towards ourselves and hold ourselves with love. It is part of our resurrection. It is part of our awakening, and we can’t birth ourselves back into our spiritual natures until we do this, until we are willing to really hold ourselves in a state of forgiveness for everything we have done during our lifetime up to this point. Part of the fourth-dimensional energy is self-love, and it involves us moving back into this self-loving aspect.

The Pleiadians see us as perfectly imperfect, playing an incredible role, honoring our incredible courage. They really honor each one of us in our lives and what we have lived up to this point, and they want us to see ourselves in that vein also. Many of us do not, that’s for sure.

From a soul perspective, are there many humans who have seeded or have origins from star systems in off-planet locations?

Yes, there are many of us here who have a Pleiadian aspect or alien origin, and we have come here because when we have these origins and when we start to awaken to them, it allows us to hold a different energetic space here during these changes that are here for all of us. So we have come here with a mission.

All of us on the planet right now, regardless of our origins, have a mission. We have a mission to awaken. Some of us have a mission to awaken added gifts that we have in holding the energetic grid lines and to maybe channel in some of the energies to assist the human beings here. I have a human aspect, that is for sure. I still have my humanness that I have to work with, but I also have my Pleiadian aspect that allows me to assist on a deeper level at this time. There are many of us like that, and there are many of us now at this time who are awakening to the different aspects that we have.

We have come here to have the human experience and also to work with our other aspects to assist on another level with the anchoring of the dimensional spaces.

Is the entire process that we are going through on this planet something that our space brothers and sisters are excited about, rejoicing the fact that we are choosing to go through this process?

Absolutely! It is an incredible excitement through the universe. It is a celebration, and in that celebration they are committed to trying to assist us in moving through it, in navigating these changes in a smooth way. It does not have to be fear filled. They are trying to educate and bring us into an awareness, a conscious awareness of how we can move through this transition without the trauma and drama.

As a human race, we are very much into drama, and what they are trying to help us with is to let go of the drama and to consciously take our places within the transition. You know, you can either be dragged or you can stand up and walk through it. That’s what they are trying to help us to understand at this time – to learn how to stand up and walk through it. They can’t do it for us, but they can educate us in how to move through it in the easiest way possible.

We know that birth is traumatic. Any birth is a deep process. It is going to change us in a physical way. It is not going to be a piece of cake. We are going to go through an intensity, because birth is intense. The birth of a child is an intense process. It is such a joyous thing, but there is intensity, and it creates physical change in the body. But with knowledge and understanding, we can learn to breathe and we can learn to consciously open to our birth so that we are birthing ourselves – and receiving and opening to that alignment with the earth change consciously, and that makes all the difference.

What about those people who are not conscious of what is going on and are not consciously choosing to change?

Okay, so the Pleiadians talk about this very clearly. They say we have all chosen to be here. With these earth changes that are coming, we are all going to take our next step. Some people’s next step will be leaving this earth plane, and they will just move on to their next step, because there is no such thing as death. Those of us who stay here will be taking our next step on this earth plane.

They talk about it very matter of factly. Because there is no death, we will all be taking our next step. Those who are not ready to stay here will leave to take their next step somewhere else. Those of us who are ready to stay and transition will transition here and take our next steps. They say it is that simple.

So, we all take the next step that is right for us?

Exactly. They are very matter of fact. You know, I just love the Pleiadians. They are very clear. They are here, so committed to us and so prepared to be with us and assist us in any way they can during this transition. And they are very practical. I think because I have a personal relationship with them over these years, they have really learned about our humanness and how to speak with us as a human race to really work with us in such a simple way and put things in a way that I can understand – and we can understand – and I am very grateful for that.

Will some people stay unconscious to the process and yet go through these changes and transform into who they are going to become?

I believe so. There are many of us who are spiritually awake, people who are consciously working towards that. There are other people with very pure hearts, who are not. But they are ready and they will move through the transition.

I see the people who are into war, who are into what I call more of a dark element, who are into hate and aggression and live and feed off that, who are actively participating in misuse of power. They are the types of people who are not ready for the change. They are not going to suddenly transform. They are the type of people who are going to leave the planet and move on to their next step elsewhere.

The answer to your question is yes. There are so many good people out there that are not spiritually awake, but they have good hearts, good intentions. Those sort of people will also be part of this transition.

**FAQ's adapted from interviews originally featured in The Edge Magazine