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We have put aside our Grand Marais Weekends

until further notice. 





This is a 3 Day life changing experience in Grand Marais. Come and initiate within the Galactic Receiving Station. You will receive a silver disc. This disc will give you access, like a key to a door, into the Gateway, which the Pleiadians liken to Stonehenge. Come and be received by the Galactic community within the Portals, work with the Pleiadians and the Lemurian Portal that make up the full Galactic Receiving Station. These weekends are a pre-requisite for any additional weekends offered on the land.

The Orientation weekends (in which you receive a disc) will be offered:



This is an amazing opportunity to come to orientate fully within the Galactic Receiving Station and to learn how to work alongside the Pleiadian and Galatic community. The orientation process involves you learning how to align and work within the Galactic and Lemurian Portals. You will be enabled to interact with your own Galactic group and to reconnect to your family of origin that exists off planet.

An important aspect of the Galactic Receiving Station is an enormous crystalline Vortex. You will learn how to interact within the crystalline Vortex. You will be given a silver Disk, which acts like a key to a door. With your Disk you will enter the sacred crystalline forms for transmutation of your cells. Your Disk will play an essential role, being your key to enter the full Galactic Receiving Station.

The Gateway is a powerful aspect of the Galactic Receiving Station and holds the link to original frequencies of Truth. This link within the Gateway carries a pure, limitless series of multidimensional settings in which you will work to re-access that, which is part of you. These links are designed to realign you to Home.

We continue working alongside the Galactic community and Pleiadians to upgrad the Galactic Receiving Station. You are invited to come and play your role here, to bring all that you are in this moment. 

Our commitment is to support each one of you individually to fulfill your next step with the Galactic community, the Pleiadians and Lemurian community. We honor your original frequency of divine light and we will witness you in your purpose.

Love and blessings,



   (open only to people who attended an Orientation Class - those who have a disc )

This process takes you through a further initiation process to be able to hold a centered space that is required to build a Stargate. You will be given deep understandings of the internal processes the Stargate for you to be able to hold the full frequency layers required to activate a Stargate, activating energetic footprints. You are required to bring specific crystals in order to set up your Stargate energetic form during the program. These tools will enable you to fully activate a Stargate anywhere you need to on the planet.

 The Stargate weekend will be offered: 



This is an amazing class designed to initiate you energetically within the cells of your body and energetic field to enable you to be able to hold the capacity of light so you can open your own Stargate form. You will learn how to open and work within your unique Stargate structure. You will be given a manual of step-by-step directions to take home with you so that you can continue your work within your Stargate.

This program activates a self-empowerment process through you to be able to activate and then initiate within the pure power of your own Stargate form. The process as you work within these light energies within the Stargate naturally activates levels of your self- realization, creating a self-fulfillment of your destiny. You begin to play a more expanded role on Earth, taking another huge step forward in your awakening process.

The Stargate when opened and activated on the Earth creates an energetic ‘Footprint’. This Footprint holds and anchors awakening light within the Earth, creating an energetic web of light within the planet that supports humanity and the earth.

We look forward to welcoming you and witnessing you take your place!

Love and blessings, 




(open only to people who have attended an Orientation Class - those who have a disc )

The final phase of our mission of the 'Awakening of the Dove'  took place in April 2019. This has been a project that we were asked to embark upon by the Galactic community for the onset of the 4th phase of the ‘New Dawning’ energy for our planet. When we activated these steps to actualize the full ‘Awakening of the Dove’ energy there was a defined shift of consciousness on our planet Earth. We catapulted into a shift of consciousness. We, those of us who are ready, moved and realigned more to our Higher Self potential. Energetically with full Dove awakening once more as prophesized, a full light consciousness is flowing forth from the tail, which is on our land. This is destiny moment strongly impacted the Galactic Receiving Station. At this juncture the Galactic Receiving Station is fully operational within our resident Universe, unearthing us on Earth to reunite, to open to our full potential within the Universal Collective community.

In this further weekend experience you will be working within the new classification of the Galactic Receiver Station. This class is designed to shift your perceptions further within the vast multidimensional realms of the Gateway and deepen your connections and relationships within the Universal community and most importantly reconnection to the multidimensional facets of your Higher Self. You will realign within the vast aspect held within the fully self-realized energy of the Receiving Station. You will be enabled to embark with your Galactic Team to new realms of perception and communion within the Universe.

My guidance is that there is a next step for all of you who feel ready to commit to another level of your awakening and connection with the Galactic community, to your ‘Family of Origin and to open your multidimensional heart into a deep reunion within our resident Universe. Many of you have pre-agreements, which include supporting Earth during its transitional phase to full re-entry to the Galactic community and a return to the Universal community.

The Galactic Receiving Station 2 will be offered: 



The ‘Awakening of the Dove’ energy was an amazing process of transmutation and transformation. I witnessed a new frequency being birthed from the magnetic core of the Earth going outwards across the planet and then the entire expanded frequency of light energy exploded and was moved from the Head of the Dove down into the Tail of the Dove.

This profound transformative pure light essence expanded through the entire frequency structure of the two Communication Portals, the Gateway energy and the Lemurian Base out in Lake Superior transforming the entire Galactic Receiving Station.

There are multidimensional openings within the Galactic Receiving station now accessible that have not been available previous to this happening. The Gateway space has transformed as we are being given deeper levels of entry now. The Gateway holds a completely unique new frequency access pattern to support you in aligning within an expanded multidimensional framework.

You will be working within a new series of multidimensional Ziplines and will learn how to navigate yourself and align to these expanded openings. You will move through a high-level transformative transmutation process of reconnection to multidimensional aspects of your Higher Self.  You will be taken into spaces for reconnection and aligned to a higher consciousness setting.

These multidimensional openings will allow you to engage within an expanded frequency setting of communion to interact with the Pleiadians and Galactic community within the Galactic Portal and engage more fully within the Lemurian community. All of these expanded openings will be accessible to you in the Galactic 2 processes.

I know we are going to have a grand adventure together at these weekends of summer. For many of you it is a destiny call and I want to support you in being able to come and take your next steps forward. 

I send love and blessings out to each one of you at this very extreme time of transmutation on our planet. Remember to breathe and let go within all illusion… knowing all is in hand.