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Stage I  is a 14-day residential course.  

All successful participants are qualified as FREQUENCIES OF BRILLIANCE practitioners.

Stage I Training comprises:

♦ Direct experience of hands-on work with other students

♦ Training in the use of all 240 doorways, plus a complete initiation through each

♦ Powerful circle work and group sharing

♦ Experiential and meditational sessions within the 4th and 5th dimensional energies accessed via sacred geometric formations designed to facilitate further levels of awakening

♦ Direct connection to and experiences with the Pleiadians who will become initiated as members of your own personal Pleiadian team

Note: During this Course trainees experience tremendous physical, emotional and spiritual transformation and self-healing.

Duration: 14 Day (live in residential course)   

NOTE: The costs for accommodation and food vary according to the Training Venue.

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