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“The 3 days of the Orientation workshop with Christine and Alisa on their Wonderland had been the most profound multidimensional Light experience for me.  If you resonate with such notions as Star family of origin, Galactic portals, communication with Christed ETs, elementals of Light, crystalline energy, personal multidimensional expansion and recalibration, upshifts and downloads of ascension codes, meeting same-vibe souls for profound group energy work that radiates throughout the Galaxy, this hands-on, intensive, highly vibrational workshop is the key to advance you on your Light Path.”    Tatiana L.


“What a gift to be welcomed to your home and your space and your property. I felt truly honored to be there. The group was the right size to really be open and go through these processes together. I always feel that you are so organized and structured and that really helps the flow. Being on time, taking breaks, integrating, having a long enough lunch and getting out of there on time - all those things really helped my Ego mind- so thank you! My Higher Self and my Holy Spirit felt very supported, nurtured, nourished and deeply expanded. I can feel an accelerated spiritual growth into my Galactic remembrances and in to my Galactic Presence- I AM… and a further closeness of my family of light and taking my place with my Galactic team.” Lori Ann


“I went into my weekend in Grand Marais with no clear idea of what to expect or what I would experience, except that I needed to be there… hard to put into words what I experienced… except to say that I have been through many upgrades and much release and that I am not the same person I was before. My world was rocked in so many ways, again and again and again, and while at times it was challenging, it was beautiful and I welcomed it. I had much trust in the process and I am very grateful that I took the chance and brought myself there. I know that I was there to receive what I needed and it was more than I could ever have hoped for.” Kate K


“What a profound, transformational experience the retreat was for me. I am experiencing a dramatic shift in my perspective of the world around me as well as a significantly enhanced psychic awareness. Thank you again for creating such a powerfully energetic environment along with such life-changing practices. It was life changing on many levels!” Suzanne


“I am experiencing and I am the transforming, it really happens, its true! People can see my transformation physically and also see how I've stepped into the One I really am… I feel closer to the power of nature, my vision is clearer. I feel like I've gotten so many tools to unfold myself, I know how to set myself free… I've been waiting for this all my life, everything is changed, I’m changed, I’m filled with so much love in my heart and I know its My Love. I met my ‘family of origin’ and our connection is even stronger now, I’m aware that O work in many different layers and dimensions! I hope that everyone reaches out and experinces this kind of peace love and power...  Betina S.


“I am definitely living on a higher vibration almost consistently. I have a much stronger connection to the crystalline Energies to the tree spirits, to the water Elementals and to my higher dimensional aspects. I will never be the same as I was that's for sure. What a delight to have a greater connection with our Galactic family and our Lemurian family.”  Bliss


“Your deep heart centered work is ineffable and ripples out through the Universe. You have changed my life many times over… every time I take a conscious breath. I wanted to share my profound meeting of my family of origin, who helped me release lifetimes of oppression, suffering, pain… I also met a multi dimensional version of myself, and it is helping to balance polarity in my body. Reconnecting with my Galactic Communities is ineffable and nourishes my every day, navigating our world.”  Janice


The Pleiadian Promise”… this book is beyond is so so so amazing....we are ready for heart is so inspired that we are here and ready for this next step...or should say leap....the Pleiadians and Christine are truly amazing...I keep pinching myself to see if this is a dream?  It is like a dream...but our New Reality....I am so grateful that I manifested you and Christine in my life...            With the greatest of love, C.D. 


"Thank you so much for your work and the Transmissions. You have supported me in in-numerous ways. I do not have enough words. Your transmissions especially the light language hits real deep into my system. You have taken and opened me into new dimensions which I did not know exist. Thanks for your continued support, I hope to be as courageous as you are, I hope to hear the voice so clearly that the word courage is not needed. It would be a simple yes, a simple step forward." Lots of Love Many Regards Anumeha

“This work is by far the ‘purest’ I’ve encountered. It is healing and transforming and clearly anchored and integrated – not just another ‘high.’ Christine is brilliant, warm and totally ‘present’ with an open heart. I highly recommend the Pleiaidan Seminars for anyone who is ‘serious’ about their role during these transformative times.” T.G.

“I could really feel the energy around me, in me and through me. I especially enjoyed and appreciated all the time given to integrate the energy. Thank you for assisting me in opening and meeting my sacred heart” M.S.


“This was a very heart opening experience for me. I feel I moved through a lot of blockages and trekked through my emotional ‘baggage’. A lot of insight was gained and I appreciate the help I received from the Pleiadians to do so.”  J.W.


“Very well run and organized. Safe and loving environment. Christine’s open heart includes every participant – no one could feel forgotten or left out.” M.M.


“The most moving and powerful spiritual experience I personally have ever experienced. Well thought out, planned and executed for sure. Yet the unquestionable and sincerely genuine-ness of Christine Day is the powerful force that allowed me to relax and start what I feel is truly me. Meeting me with love and assistance for the first time in this lifetime. I am humbly grateful.” C.S.


“When I committed to do this work two weeks ago, I immediately began experiencing the frequencies which helped me to release a great deal of negative emotions, thoughts and blockages. Thank you so much for your devotion to your soul and the collective consciousness of humanity.” D.D


“This has been one of the most amazing experiences in all my life. I have been transformed and will never be the same. Thank you Christine, the Pleaidians and the Creator!” L.G.


“I enjoyed every minute of the seminar. I feel I am walking away with valuable tools to combat a society riddled with fear and anger! My heart is open, my mind is quiet and I thank Christine and her Pleiadian team for their generous loving vibrations.” G.L.


“This was the missing piece to my spiritual journey. I have found a new enlivened path but at the same time feel like I am rejoined in my spiritual home. Truly a life-changing event. Christine is a beautiful, talented woman who has pushed us thru the initiations and made my understanding of the Pleiadians very real. I became aware of my sacred heart. Thank you.” M.M.


“It is hard for me to find words to explain my experience. It was very transformational. I have felt very strongly that I am here to ‘change the world’ but I have struggled with the ‘how’. I know now that starting with a change of myself will bring me where I need to be.” S.E.


“I highly recommend the Pleiadian Seminar to anyone who would like to take an evolutionary step on their awakening. This work is performed with the highest level of integrity. Beyond the extraordinary experience.” L.C.R. 


“The energy felt of a high vibration and truth being spoken. Christine Day is a Master/Teacher. Some great learning imported and high energy transmitted. I feel new.” C.S.


“The warm heart-ness I encountered from all involved, beginning with Christine Day and going to the staff and participants immediately let me know that this was truly a work of the heart. I have been honored to be a participant.” B.L.


“This Seminar has taken me to my next level of transformation by guiding my in conscious intention to experience multi-dimensions by connecting through my heart. These are the tools I needed and need. Thank you.” K.C.P.


“I have no words to describe how BLESS I AM to have attended 3 Day Pleiadian Seminar with Christine Day! I know deep inside of me, how transformative this has been and will continue to be. It is truly a blessing without comprehension. We human beings, Mother Earth, all Kingdoms are so blessed to have here now, the pure Ambassador of Pleiadian Light! Forever grateful to you, Christine and the Pleiadian sisters. Thank you. Love you.” M.L.


“One of the most amazing experiences of my life. Thank you.” E.B.


“Everything that happened in class was for me, complete balance and appropriateness. Christine Day’s expertise in these energies allowed me to grow and expand. Her love and integrity was pristine. Thank you!” M.K.