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During this event you receive a channeled dialogue from the Pleiadians which brings  information and understanding that supports you in taking your next steps forward in your life.

This dialogue is followed by an energetic channeling,  known as Transmission of Light. Each transmission holds a pure frequency of light that speaks directly to each person, and naturally aligns each individual to their higher Self energy.

The Pleiadian energies, together with Christine’s energy, will support you in anchoring your own light into the cells of your body, facilitating your own self-healing process. As your own light enters the body, this naturally activates and opens up any dense areas where pain or disease may be present. An energetic space is held for you allow your own light energy to come in for self-healing.

This energetic space also supports you in opening your heart to another level.

The Pleiadians are here on our earth plane to assist in the dimensional birthing of our planet, and also to assist those of us who are willing to awaken to ourselves. The Pleiadians hold what they call ‘energetic platforms,’ which open up powerful opportunities for us to re-align back into our Natural Spiritual Natures, or you can say Higher Self.

The Pleiadians create a series of Light Initiations that can work for us in our day- to-day lives, assisting us to let go of the struggle and tiredness that has been with us for lifetimes. 

They activate these light energies so that we can birth ourselves.