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The Pleiadian story

In 1994 I had my first experience connecting communication with the Pleiadians. It sounds extraordinary, I know, but this is exactly how it happened.

I was out walking in nature. I turned a corner into a meadow and found myself staring at a huge space ship about 20 meters away from me. Coming out of the ship was a group of Pleiadians.  As they moved towards me they were greeting me telepathically. I was immediately filled with an overwhelming sense of their love for me; a love that instantly awoke within me a deep remembrance of my Pleiadian heritage.  I recognized my Pleiadian family and I was brought into the memory of what I had pre-agreed to do on this earth plane in this lifetime.

With startling clarity, I instantly remembered my mission here: I was to act as a Pleiadian Ambassador here on this earth plane. My role was to be a bridge between the Pleiadians and humans; to create a deeper understanding and awareness of the existence of the Pleiadians, so that we, as human beings, would have an opportunity to open up and receive the support that they can bring us at this time. Their support is essential for us to fulfill our mission during this powerful time of transition on our earth plane.

One of my most important roles was to bring an understanding to the Pleiadians of how we need to process as human beings. This understanding was necessary for the Pleiadians, and would allow them to create a series of ‘light initiations’ that could work for us, and allow us to be able to receive these light initiations and self- birth, while bypassing the human ego. The Pleiadians activate these light energies in the form of light initiations so that we can birth ourselves through these initiating energies and be able to fully utilize them for our own awakening process.

The Pleiadians are here on our earth plane to aid in the dimensional birthing of our planet and to assist those of us that are willing to awaken to a full knowledge and understanding of ourselves. They hold what they call ‘energetic platforms,’ which open up powerful opportunities for us to re-align back into our natural spiritual natures, which is to say, our Higher Self.

You may be asking yourself why the Pleiadians are helping us? What’s in it for them?

Understand that the entire Universe has its attention on planet earth at this time. The whole Universal Community is working together at this time to support us during this powerful transition. The Pleiadians are a part of this Universal team.  They are playing their role by providing these light initiations to support us in re-aligning back to our Spiritual Nature. They are supporting us by providing information for us to understand more completely the Truth that exists beyond the 3rd dimensional illusion on our planet Earth so that we can liberate ourselves. The Pleiadians open up doorways for us to walk through, they offer self-empowerment processes for us to transform and re-align to our personal power.

We are dimensionally transforming as a planet, and soon we will all be energetically re-aligned back into our "family of light’. We will be taking our place and rejoining the whole, the Oneness, the God consciousness, the Collective Consciousness - Whatever term resonates with you. 

The Pleiadians call this time ‘The New Dawning,’ and they say that we are ‘The New Dawning.’ There is a mutual birthing taking place within our planet and within the cells of our body, and we are being moved from a 3rd dimensional consciousness to a 4th/5th dimensional consciousness.

The Pleiadians convey news of the dimensional shifts that are taking place on our planet, along with messages of Truth and understanding. They say that many of us hold a lot of fear around these changing times. Their goal is to reduce our fear by bringing in the Truth of our next steps, along with an understanding of our process, so that we can more easily navigate our way through this transition.

The Pleiadians are here to support us on a personal level as well. However, they will always honor our free will as human beings, and will never enter our energetic space without our permission.

One of the most powerful messages the Pleiadians bring is the reminder that we are human beings birthing ourselves back into our spiritual natures. They say that we are “perfectly imperfect,” and that it is in our very imperfection that we carry a vulnerability that is very important.  They remind us to always hold our human aspect with love, compassion and patience. They say it is important to understand that we are here to continue to have a human experience while birthing our spiritual natures.

Our own self-resurrection is where we need to focus on at this time. That means that we need to end the separation inside of ourselves. We need to coming into a state of self-acceptance for all that we have done and experienced up this moment in this lifetime. We need to honor and embrace all the experiences we have had in order to learn, and to let go of any self-condemnation we hold towards ourselves, for the things we have done or not done. Knowing that we have done the very best we could do in any moment in time. The Pleiadians speak of our self-resurrection and through self-acceptance we can then move into enlightenment. Our journey is about ending separation within ourselves through self-acceptance.

 The Pleiadians say that we, as human beings and our planet are going through a birthing of a new consciousness; our hearts are being transformed in readiness to anchor new levels of our own light. They also speak about the new energies of 2015 and the series of the lifting of veils that will bring us into new understandings and sacred alignments within ourselves.

These energies demand that we begin to live differently; that we become accountable to ourselves with regard to the way we navigate the earth plane. They remind us of the importance of living in integrity and right action, which means honoring our selves and being prepared to live our Truth, no matter what!

They counsel us to stand tall and to call in the Universal energies for the support we need on a daily basis. We are not alone. It is time to join the Universal family of light, of which all of us are members. It is time to take our place, to open up and to receive all that is rightfully ours. All it takes is just one step from you, and a willingness to ask for support on a daily basis, and to align to your home space through your heart.

Each one of us has been called forth at this time because we are ready for this transformation. There has been a pre-agreement made for many of us to reconnect at this time. We all are energetically aligned with everyone else. You may not be aware of it on a 3rd dimensional level, however, your connection through your heart space aligns you naturally back to your higher-self. This is your home space.

You will birth individual aspects of your light, and collectively you will form a powerful synergy of light that is going to affect the entire planet as you work consciously with each other.  This is the time for new soul groups to emerge. Now is the time for the activation of many pre-agreements to come into being.

The Pleiadians honor and bless you for all that you are in this moment. They salute your courage in living your path at this time. They remind you of their commitment to support you in your transition.

“We await for you to call on us, remember you have free will as a human beings. We cannot enter your energetic space without your permission, we cannot help you without that permission. This is how it should be, as this is your sacred journey and how you choose to experience it is your free will choice moment by moment.”


The Pleiadians