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Pleiadian Message July 2024 Article

Beloved ones we greet you,


As the winds of change sweep across your earth plane you are being realigned through the sacred configuration of planets, which lined up with your planet, Earth. At the juncture of this alignment a corridor of light was created, flowing onto the planet.


This manifestation of a higher flow of consciousness light is still present and active now. The ‘corridor of light’ is acting as a bridge to awaken those of you who choose to align into another state of authenticity of self-resurrection now. The design of this ‘corridor of light’ is to create opportunities for further awakening, creating reconnection through remembering, to embrace the sacred component of your higher consciousness.


There is a magnification being created in all arenas of your life through the shifting dynamic of this energy coming onto the planet. Moment by moment you get to choose whether you participate within the illusion of drama and enter another level of suffering or simply witness the illusion and maintain a space of being in the moment. Understanding that you are far more than your limited ego mind.


Your focus on illusion creates ongoing suffering and limitation in your daily experience. You are the only one who can choose to shift your responses within each one individual experience so that you can be more alive in each living moment. You get to choose within the moment how you are going to respond to your every-day human interactions that you have created and to move beyond these limited illusions.


At this juncture your Spinal column is to play a major role as an active conduit for your transmutation. You can liken the Spine to an electrical cord that is linking you directly to the vast intelligence of the central Universal consciousness. Your Spinal column was always designed to naturally realign you within the central Universal consciousness of wisdom. At this specific juncture you are being called to rejoin that which you have always been naturally a part.


The energetic timing is right for you to re-establish a focal point of your authentic nature. This can be achieved through the action of a conscious reconnection through your Spine. This focusing on the Spine creates a launch pad for a transformational shift of consciousness to reopen and activate your sacred systems on another level.


The process begins with the conscious realignment within the Sacrum which opens a doorway of light. As you move your awareness from the Sacrum upwards through your Spine this doorway of light releases through the Spine allowing specific placements of light patterns to be re-established, to re-anchor within the Spinal fluid. These light patterns begin to infuse upwards through the vertebrae of the spine all the way up into the neck vertebrae.


There is a multidimensional light switch that gets reactivated, turned on within the Spinal column as you consciously create this opening. These light patterns begin to radiate up into your brain cells, brain synapses and Pineal creating a series of pulsing light doorways to reopen within the Pineal. Through the reinstatement of this pulsing flow of light you are naturally relinked back within a higher consciousness frequency pulse that realigna you to Universal wisdom and within your higher consciousness state.


Your Spine naturally becomes engaged with the ‘corridor of light’, which is the central alignment of Universal higher consciousness creation energy. As you consciously reactivate your unique signature pulse of light consciousness, your entire Spine will illuminate and radiate an awakening through your sacred Heart. Know that your Heart and Spine are part of your sacred system.


Your sacred stature is alive and well within yourself, and always has been. Your role is to unlock your unique frequency flow within the Sacrum which interacts within the spinal fluid. The Spinal fluid contains the pure elixir of your consciousness that is unique, powerful and radiant and is known as your Godhead frequency. You are recognized through this unique radiance.


This entire process is designed to reposition your awareness beyond the limitation of your Ego mind’s limited intelligence. The ego mind is two-dimensional and aligned to the full illusion of drama on Earth.


This process is designed for you to reposition yourself, to disconnect from the illusion and to stabilize yourself within your authentic multidimensional arena of higher consciousness. This is self-empowerment in action!


This next step will require you to release all concepts and ideas. You need to be willing to let go of all that you think you are, all that you think you know. To release your sense of the need to be right, letting go of your persona.


Everything you hold to be true or not true within you creates barriers. All these concepts create limitations that will interfere with your ultimate reconnection to true wisdom of the unlimited creation energies of the Universe. You must be willing to let go of everything and move into a place of ‘not knowing’. Only then can you truly enter and stabilize within the space where all creation exists. All fixed thought patterns ultimately interfere, block your enlightenment process. Everything of truth is fluid light, all creation energy is fluid light.


You are being called to take this step. Moment by moment become aware of how your ego mind can draw you away from authentic moments. Witness how your mind engages you with the past, the future. Awareness is everything. Truth is revealed within authentic moments, being present within the current moment is everything. All the insights of understanding and wisdom are and can be revealed within the moment.




Note: The Conscious breath is a breath taken in the mouth and released out of the mouth. This breath bypasses the ego mind.



  1. Bring your awareness, and your physical hand to touch the Sacrum. If this is difficult just hold your awareness there.
  2. Take a Conscious breath place it like a soft wind within your Sacrum.
  3. Bring the sound, AENNN… AENNN… AENNN… (pronounced ay en)
  4. Feel see or sense an opening, bring your awareness within the space that you see sense or feel. This may be subtle or strong.
  5. Repeat steps 1 – 4 three times total or until you feel see or sense the opening of a doorway, this may be light experienced, within the Sacrum.
  6. Slowly, gently drawn your awareness from the Sacrum up through the Spine line, feel see or sense how the energy/essence from the doorway is flowing up the Spine, through the Spinal fluid, vertebrae.
  7. Use the conscious breath within the energy flowing from the doorway of the Sacrum up the spine, letting go.
  8. Bring the sounds, AENNN… AENNN… AENNN… within the space of energy flow within the Spine that you see sense or feel.
  9. Draw your awareness all the way up the Spine up into the vertebrae of the neck and into the Brain cells. Use the Conscious breath, letting go. feel see or sense how the essence from the Doorway is flowing light.
  10. Bring your sound, AENNN… AENNN… AENNN… letting go. see sense or feel the light flooding and expanding the entire brain cells, brain synapses and the Pineal. Take another conscious breath and choose to let go.
  11. Allow your awareness to open fully within the space of the opening, the light…that you see sense or feel.
  12. Bring in your sound, AENNN… AENNN… AENNN… Take a conscious breath, letting go… Open to the connection that you see sense or feel, it’s as though the ‘corridor of light’ is aligning right through you… linking you to the Universal sacred web.
  13. Repeat points 10-12 once more. Feel see or sense the alignment.
  14. Place a hand on your Heart, feel see or sense the energy, the essence of the flow opening through your Heart cells.


Note: You can do this process daily.



We the Pleiadians witness you as you create your own conscious path of reawakening. We hold a space of love and light around you at this very sacred moment. We witness you.



The Pleiadians