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Christine’s Message July 2024



As we move further into this year the higher consciousness energetic framework around Earth is building, which creates a greater opportunity for each one of us to begin operating from a higher flow of our multidimensional selves. This fluidity is supporting a rapid evolution of our self-resurrection.


A conscious choice action to turn back towards our inner sacredness is all that it takes to set in motion a metamorphic shift within our consciousness. A returning to the conscious connection of our own higher consciousness is paramount.


This time now is a destiny call for many of us on the path. I feel a tremendous momentum within the entire universe, like a wave of consciousness building through our entire planet to support our individual transitions at this juncture.


I know I have been talking about the importance of the Heart connection for a while. Again, I speak to you about building a connection to your Heart as this is the avenue for your awakening. Be conscious during each day of the misperception of your ego mind verses your Heart being your only reference point for Truth. The Heart is your guiding light, your only authentic compass and from where all your intuitive guidance arises.


I personally have been undergoing an evolution of consciousness. Receiving vast higher understandings of elevated Wisdom. It’s as though I have passed through a crossroad of great change and for that I am truly grateful.


Alisa and I have been working tirelessly on the land and have completed the first step of clearing here in Alice Springs. Physically working on the land has allowed us to build a very sacred connection with the property, aligning deeply with the energy here on another level. We have been transformed as the land itself has opened, becoming uncloaked. We are filled with gratitude.


Large rocks have been anchored within this huge clearing and we begin this month to create the anchored patterns to create the correct frequencies ready for the Star Configuration to be forged in readiness for October’s deadline.


I know collectively as a community we are to create an enormous frequency beacon for the planet. This mission fills me with joy and gratitude for my life right now. I invite each one of you to continue to support this mission. Sending your energy, your love contributes to the ultimate success of this project.


Love and blessings,