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Pleiadian Message April 2024

Beloved ones we greet you,


The wheel turns and Earth begins to enter a higher cycle of consciousness. Through these vast shifts on your planet your energetic system is being energetically spun. You are being redefined by a series of light patterns flowing onto the planet. Your cells are being immersed by these fluid light patterns and the cells will begin to carry a higher vibrational content that is resonating within the higher consciousness realms within this resident Universe.


This vibrational essence is realigning your electrical systems within your brain, telepathic center and brain synapses enabling your entire energetic system to stabilize as a series of flowing light shifts begin to anchor throughout the earth plane over this month until the end of this year.


You are being anchored into a returning of Self through the light. The words, ‘I AM’, within your Heart claim ownership of your sacred truths and of this return. This is the time for you to actively engage within your Heart claiming ownership of this transformation of Self. You are the only one who can forge this reality within your systems.


We witness you as you are being revealed by the light!



The Pleiadians