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Christine’s Message April 2024



There has been a whirlwind of activity as we prepared to travel to the USA to visit family, friends, and our land in Grand Marais. The Pleiadians have explained to me the importance of creating an energetic shift within the configuration of crystals in the Workroom. These crystals play an essential role, are an energetic component within the Galactic Receiving Station.  I know that our journey back to our land in Grand Marais will be both powerful and will bring to us a clarity of our next step.


These essential changes that are to be made within the Galactic Receiving Station simultaneously involve the land in Alice Springs. As we came into ownership of the land on the 29th of February, certain energetic formations became reactivated creating a greater stream of light to flow from the Diamond Arc configuration in Alice Springs and engaging with the Galactic Receiving Station in Grand Marais. There is a higher frequency overlay birthing across the earth plane through the Diamond Arc to support the rapid energetic shifts that have been a constantly expanding over the last months and these are destined to accelerate rapidly as we move towards the end of this year.


All of these shifts of energy are going to impact those of you taking your place in the Core Group process. My entire energetic profile has shifted as I prepare to hold the full frequency Platform for the ‘Core Group’. I find myself in an expanded state of awareness, orientated to the multidimensional arena within this Universe. I am excited and in awe of all that is unfolding as I take another step forward in this mission.


We return to Alice Springs later this month and begin to work on clearing the land, both physically and energetically. We have guidance on the first phase of work, to create a physical space for a powerful anchoring of a star configuration. This is destined to take place and be completed by October 2024.


Know that there are vast accelerations of the anchoring of light on the planet taking place towards the end of April. You will be required to deepen your connection to your Heart center developing this connection to support you in stabilizing within this pure acceleration of transformative light which will begin to anchor.


Much is to be revealed to us during this acceleration of light, truth opening to those of us who are willing to take the time to spend moments within the Heart space. A strong shedding process, a falling away of the old, making room for the newness of your light to enter your heart cells.


Know that each one of us is making a difference as we align to our Heart. Collectively we can support humanity as we consciously choose to come back home to our authentic self within our Heart. I continue to hold the Platform for our collective transformation. Remember to utilize the Conscious breath and let go knowing all is in hand.


Love and blessings,