Christine Day OnlineGoFundMe - Alice Springs Diamond Arc of Light

Christine’s Message March 2024



I am delighted to announce that we have reached the ‘Go Fund Me’ goal. We had a very large donation given to us in February, which gave us enough funds to purchase the land in Alice Springs. A big thank you to all of you who donated, your donations were fully utilized to purchase the land. We are excited and grateful for all the help we received.


This property that we purchase was not the original property we wanted to buy; however, it turns out that this property is actually the right property for the work we are to do on the planet at this time.


The Diamond Arc configuration is on this land and the Diamond Arc links to the Galactic Receiving station in Grand Marais. We have been living on this property for the last year and it is situated directly opposite the sacred-dreaming site in the Mac Donald Ranges. Our land backs directly onto a vast open space leading directly into the Mc Donald Ranges.


We settled on the property February 29th. As the property became legally ours there was an instantaneous shift of energy that opened on the land. The guidance is that we have certain areas of the land to clear, removing old trees and debris. There are powerful energetic openings, portals, vortexes that will be activated as these clearings take place.


There is to be a Star Chamber configuration to be physically and energetically created on the land in readiness for the Core Group work that will begin in October 2024. The Star Chamber is going to strongly impact the energetic Network of Earth.


Lots of work ahead of us and Alisa and I are so joyful and grateful for all that we are receiving on so many levels. We are incredibly grateful for all your support and each one of you is making a huge difference in our lives, you allow us to continue to step forward moment by moment.


I am celebrating all of you and know that my commitment is to continue to hold the Platform for you in your awakening process. Remember to continue to let go, breathe and trust the flow of your lives. All is in hand.


Love and blessings,