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Pleiadian Message February 2024

Beloved one we greet you,


You are on the precipice of great change in your world. There have been a series of energetic structures placed and activated within the network that is woven throughout Earth. This happening is in readiness for a shift of consciousness that is destined to take place towards the end of this month.


A call is going out to those of you on the path to prepare your systems for the ‘great winds of change’ that are about to enter your planet. This call is reminding you to spend focused moments within your Heart. As you align through your Heart consciously, your Heart cells will begin to radiate out a unique frequency code that is designed to interact within the woven light Network. This interaction is designed to support you in being stabilized as the energies begin to build and transform on the planet. You become a natural extension to the Network during these accelerated changes.


Know that you have never been separate to the light, you are in truth, a natural extension of all consciousness. This is your time to consciously play a greater role through your Heart.


Let go and allow yourself to unfold and take your place.


We witness you.



The Pleiadians