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Pleiadian Message February 2024 Article

Beloved ones we greet you,


Since the energetic shift created at New Year you, as a planet within this Universe have entered a higher plane of consciousness. ‘The wheel has turned’ and what occurred on Earth at New Year in that miniscule second during the turnover from 2023 to 2024 created a transformational energetic dynamic throughout the entire Universe.


This enormous movement has heralded in the ‘great winds of change’ transforming the multidimensional framework within planet earth. Earth has been energetically launched within the higher elementals of light. Simultaneous to this launching the energetic rotation of the planet accelerated, in that moment a shift took place within the linked timelines of alternate reality spaces within the planet.


We witness the vast changes within your Earth’s energetic framework. The Magnetic core and its entire internal structure have already begun to crack open, like an egg-shell cracking. Petals opening, like a flower opening to the Sun. This splitting open is revealing a depth of light flows that are destined to herald in a time of great transmutation for your planet.


The Earth has begun to move from a solid 3rd dimensional planet to a 4th/5th dimensional fluidity. Nothing is solid or fixed now. Everything is becoming fluid light as the planet is being reformed into a series of constant light vibrational flows. In truth, your planet has always been made from a series of multidimensional fluid light flows, these are forms of light that are constantly vibrant, moving, transforming, and reflecting light.


You need to let go within the essence of these radical changes to your energetic environment, now that you have entered a different time realm. These spaces have always existed on Earth and now these higher realms are solidly anchored within the environment of the planet. There have been moments in the past where you have simply glimpsed these spaces, however now this energetic framework has fully opened and is to be a permanent structure of Earth.


Within your cells the same multidimensional light flows exist. Your cells are being enlivened, are vibrant and glowing from these higher flows of consciousness. There is a quickening taking place right through your systems. As you adjust to these higher energetic flows within, you may feel confusion, disorientation, not being able to think clearly as your brain cells, pineal and brain synapses go through a series of rapid electrical changes.


In the very moment the vibrational brilliance of 2024 opened, a vast light was ignited through all the heart cells. Within that pure experience a sacred restoration of you was being bestowed back to you. This was the action of destiny set in motion, the redefinition of Self being actualized through you.


This very happening was designed to bring you back into a higher functioning existence as you carry within you the expansive fluid vibrational creation potential within your energetic systems. You have been repositioned to function within a higher arena of consciousness than ever before in this incarnation. You are being called right now to contribute your unique Heart frequency to the collective energy of Hearts.


Over this last month your heart cells have been naturally synchronized to a sacred pulse within the Universal consciousness. The pulsing creates a natural shift within you, repositioning you to your original frequency settings. While you are being realigned to your unique higher intelligence through this consciousness pulse you are on the cusp of re-aligning to your multidimensional potential.


Your unique sacred systems have the capability of being re-instated through a creation process of transmutation that exists within your Heart’s frequency.  As light flows are re-establishing through your heart cells, brain cells and brain synapses this shift within your sacred systems accesses another path of multidimensional operations; like a light switch being turned on for the first time.


Collectively those of you on the awakened path are creating a natural, higher momentum of flow within your collective Hearts. As though you have a deepening pulse, a more defined Heartbeat that you can collectively align, like a common Hum that can become synchronized as One. This Hum, this Oneness is an essential component for the further transformation of the consciousness of Earth.


During this transitional phase you are being directed to focus on being still in moments within your Heart to further align to this synchronization of potential Oneness. This conscious choice action of stillness created by you will open a natural inner desire for returning to Oneness, to realigning to Home. Be still within your Heart to align to this higher pulse, this unique Hum that is automatically aligning to other unique collective Heart frequencies.


There is a sacred sound that is designed to support your alliance to the collective Hum frequency to support the acceleration of this alliance for the conscious uniting of Hearts at this juncture on Earth.


When you make the sacred sound, you are activating a creation element between the collective Hearts. You set in motion a series of energetic waves that holds and builds a creation element.


The collective mission will be achieved through the creation waves forming a series of sacred geometrical spaces that arise naturally and are made manifest. They are designed to anchor and activate energetic Platforms throughout the earth plane. Together through your collective Hearts you can forge these pure Platforms, anchoring spaces of Truth within these Platforms created by your collective energies.


This sacred sound has been sent from the higher realms for you to utilize now to achieve this goal. Sacred sound, PHAHNNNN….   AEN    (pronounced farnnn… ay en)



NOTE:  Always hold both palms on your upper chest (your Heart space) when utilizing the Sacred Sound: PHAHNNN AEN…


  1. Bring your awareness to your hands on your upper chest.
  2. Place your conscious breath, like a soft wind into where your awareness is on your upper chest. Letting go.
  3. Take a moment to be in the stillness of your Heart that you see sense or feel. Open your awareness, take a conscious breath, continue to let go…
  4. Place the sound, PHAHNNN… AEN within your Heart space that you see sense or feel. Create this sound as many times as you feel.
  5. Take a conscious breath, letting go within the space that is opening as you bring in your sound. Know that your Heart cells respond to your unique frequency of your sacred sound. The cells of your Heart open dimensionally to your sound.
  6. Feel see or sense how the entire Heart is expanding, allow your awareness to flow into your Heart space as it expands. Take a Conscious breath and let go within the space of flow that is opening, the creation flow that is opening within the stillness.


Note that you can repeat this process as often as you feel.


Know that within your Heart lies Truth. Your Heart is your guiding light, it is your guiding compass for your next steps. You are required to stay very steady within your Heart connection and allow the sacred sound to build and develop through you. You may see sense or feel the sacred sound arising through you. Be committed to take moments in stillness while letting go. Knowing all is in hand as you let go.


You will find as you utilize this sacred sound your Heart will undergo rapid transformation. There is nothing you need to try and work out or create in this moment, simply open your awareness to receive the shifts. Open into a state of gratitude for this sacred time, utilize the Conscious breath and let go into ‘not knowing’.


Remember you are enough just as you are in this moment. Allow your sacred intelligence to guide you through your expanded Heart flows. Remember we, the Pleiadians have been instructing you to allow your Heart to be your guiding light, your compass for this time. Each one of you have an essential mission to complete, a part to play through your unique Heart frequency.


We witness you and we hold the completed energetics for you to step forward. Now it is up to you, those of you in Human form are designated to create the completion platforms for Earth. Between your collective Hearts this is achievable in this lifetime. This is the destined time for you to begin the energetic preparation within your Heart systems enabling you to create these energetic Platforms of light to be anchored throughout your earth plane.


Remember you are not alone. Call forward the support you need today.



The Pleiadians