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Christine’s Message February 2024



As we enter a new month, I am aware of so many energetic changes simultaneously taking place on the planet. I have been participating within the higher energetic structures that have been instrumental in expanding the energetic framework of the planet, while interacting daily with the Pleiadians and Galactic Council in readiness for a huge energetic event to take place late February.


During the last few weeks, I have undergone an incredibly powerful transmutation process where a higher aspect of my being has been infused through my cellular structure. It feels like I have tiny bubbles popping in the cells and the flow of bubbles increases a hundred-fold in certain moments as an expansive form of my higher light descends more completely within my systems. I have spent time orientating myself to the vast changes in the environment I find myself. There is nothing familiar about these states of consciousness that I have been re-orientated within. I am filled with gratitude and excitement as I continue to unfold rapidly, simply letting go within moments.


I know I am being energetically prepared to channel in the series of specific geometrical frequencies from the Higher Realms for ‘the Core Group’ process beginning mid-March. In preparation to interact within the vast frequencies going to be associated with holding a Platform for the Mother Ship for the Core Group. I also know that collectively, as a community, we are all going to move through an accelerated transmutation process. My guidance is to be focused on letting go and not getting caught up in the knowing of any specific details. Simply trusting in the flow to take us where we need to be in any moment.


Each one of us on the path is required to let go on another level within our lives and to spend moments linking within our Hearts.


I know that we have entered a new phase of huge change on Earth. I feel joyful and just want to celebrate these upcoming changes for all of us.


Love and blessings,