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Pleiadian Message January 2024


Beloved ones we greet you,


We witness change, vast change within your Earth’s energetic framework. The Magnetic core and entire structure are beginning to crack open, like an eggshell cracking. Splitting open to reveal a depth of flowing light that is destined now to be revealed. This is a destined moment within your planet, a time of great transmutation. You are moving from a solid 3rd dimensional planet to a 4th/5th dimensional fluidity. Nothing is solid, everything becoming fluid. The Earth is shifting into a series of constant light vibrational flows.


Your planet in truth is made up from fluid light flows, multidimensional forms of light that are constantly vibrant, moving. Within your cells is the same multidimensional light flows, cells being enlivened, vibrant and glowing. There is a quickening taking place right through your systems.


Let go and Be!  There is nothing you need to try and create in this moment, simply open to receive through gratitude and then letting go. That is enough, you are enough just as you are.


Allow your sacred intelligence to guide you through your Heart. Remember we have been instructing you to allow your Heart to be your guiding light, your compass for this time.


We witness you in love,



The Pleiadians