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Pleiadian Message December 2023

Beloved ones we greet you,

The sacred flows that are coming onto the planet during December are designed to reposition you within your Heart. This is the time for your Homecoming. Be still within your Heart and allow your own transmutation process. This begins with you choosing to let go… Letting go of the past, of the old belief systems that no longer serve you. Understanding that regret, shame, guilt are only held within the ego mind. These expressions are not a Heart truth….

Work within the moment, the moment is your only reality. Choose to let go and allow a liberation within yourself. This month is the time to stop trying and simply Be. Celebrate your aliveness, being in life and being uniquely you!

Let go and become the moment. Open your awareness into the moment and allow yourself to receive. Through being present in the moment everything that you desire can unfold.

Claim ownership of that which is your Heart’s desire and claim that in the moment. As you do this, you set in motion a wave creating your Heart’s desire. Launch yourself into this new year frequency of abundance!

We witness you.


The Pleiadians