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Pleiadian Message November 2023

Beloved ones we greet you,


The Scahndahlah effect consciousness is creating huge waves of light to flow onto your earth plane. Energetic planes are being established across the planet in readiness for the New Year frequencies to transform. This time is about a rapid transmutation of Earth, and a vast shift of consciousness for those of you on an awakened path.


You are being called to step forward while consciously choosing to let go of all that no longer serves you. The multidimensional aspect of you has always been a crystalline being of light consciousness. At this juncture your light consciousness is destined to begin to descend within the cellular structure of your physical body and reignite through your consciousness. The energetic settings of Earth are shifting to create a container suitable for this rebirth.


Let go, let go, let go….


Choose to consciously open to receive and download the imprint of your heritage of light through your consciousness by taking moments to being still within your Heart.


Claim ownership of your light utilizing the words, “I AM”.


You are being witnessed, held within the vast realms of love.



The Pleiadians