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Christine’s Message November 2023



What powerful and profound levels of higher arenas opening up at this juncture of time. As we approach New Year, we are individually being prepared to launch ourselves into a vast space of unlimited potential of ourselves. Everyone is being challenged with any persisting pieces of baggage that we are holding onto from our past experiences. Any old illusionary belief systems are being magnified in our lives right now for us to choose to let go and allow a more complete aspect of our higher self to filter and realign to our higher consciousness.


Our intuitive knowing is meant to reconnect through us in moments and we are being asked to let go within the illusion of fear, struggle, and the drama of daily living. Enabling aspects of your authentic self to re-emerge through the conscious reconnection within the tool of the Heart.


I feel myself in the middle of profound change, it is hard to recognize myself as I am propelled within a multidimensional swirling flow of expanse of shifting light. Feels like I am swimming within a very different unrecognizable energetic space.


Alisa and I leave for Uluru in the next few days, and I can sense a truly profound happening awaiting us on this journey. I know intuitively that we are going into an incredibly transformative frequency that is designed to reposition us in relationship to our own Pleiadian natures and for us to enter a new alternate reality frequency state.


We are both in a very altered state and have been for the last few weeks. It feels like I am already in some form of flowing consciousness current and there is nothing I am to do except surrender to the flow and allow myself to meet this pre-destined realignment.


I continue to hold the Platform of energy for this transitional time, and gently remind you that the intensity is going to build further as we move closer to the New Year. Maintain your stability through creating sacred moments of connection to your Heart. This is achieved by creating a building momentum of connection throughout the day with your Heart, one moment at a time. The accumulation of these Heart moments will create the stability and peace within you.


Each one of us is being called to let go on many different levels right now. The Pleiadians are reminding us that we are not alone. This is not the time to try and understand what is taking place, rather to choose to let go into the ‘not knowing’.


Through our Hearts we are collectively linked to each other and to the God consciousness state. Our next steps are right in front of us.


Love and blessings,