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Pleiadian Message October 2023 Article

Beloved ones we greet you,


Each one of you have said “Yes” to being here on the earth plane at this very sacred junction. You were specifically chosen to incarnate on earth in a human form in this lifetime. This was always the plan. For you to be present on Earth at this time was considered a great honor. You are destined to play a unique pivotal role here on the planet while simultaneously to participate in playing a collective role in the full transformation of your earth plane.


An aspect of your individual role and completing your mission involves the transmutation process of you, moving from having a 3rd dimensional human ego mind consciousness experience and then for you, to return to a place of remembering. Realigning back into your multidimensional sacred being consciousness, for you to realign to your natural multidimensional sacred tools, actively working with the innate gifts of your spiritual being.


Your energetic presence on the planet is unique and your vibrational makeup is accelerating daily, constantly transforming. You are on the very cusp of a greater shift and your heart cells are beginning to birth a series of light consciousness imprints that are designed to interact through the sacred consciousness within the Magnetic core of your planet. Your Heart’s frequency is pulsating a constant transforming vibration across the earth plane, whether you are aware of this happening or not.


Your unique Heart cellular rhythm is designed to create a series of expansive vibrational synergy pulses that are aligning collectively with the Magnetic core. These pulses are opening, creating higher multidimensional states throughout Earth. Waves of transmutation are being created, they are flowing, flooding within all spaces, reinstating the many multidimensional components of light consciousness within all the sacred sites of Earth.


Your conscious participation is paramount at this moment as the Scahndahlah effect continues to build in momentum throughout the planet. There are a series of sacred synergies predestined to be constructed. These patterned frequency light spaces will arise from a vast shift within a number of alternate reality arenas. These spaces will be realized through a conscious choice merging interaction between you and the Scahndahlah consciousness.


Yes, you are to play a huge, a predestined role as you choose to consciously re-engage with the energetic synergy of the Scahndahlah effect. Your higher consciousness elemental is naturally linked to the consciousness of the Scahndahlah frequency. Your conscious alignment with this rare light consciousness is automatic, like a recollecting of a pure essence of yourself.


Simultaneously as you choose to actively realign with the Scahndahlah consciousness there is to be the forming of a sacred synergy with all the other unique collective Heart rhythms. Other human heart’s that are actively choosing to align who will answer the call like you.


This collective Heart weave of like consciousness has always been a predestined timing, setting in motion the anchoring of a higher consciousness realm in place on Earth. A sacred webbing network arena within the planet that will strongly alter many of the negative density pockets that has been held for lifetimes on your planet. This webbing network will ultimately impact the entire consciousness of humanity!


Be still and open into the knowingness of your sacred Heart! The call is going outward to all that are ready to create a consciousness shift within their own Heart space. Be still and open into, digest the frequency of the light that is being held open for you at this very sacred juncture of time. All is in hand for you to step forward and choose to join this pure space of synergized light.


This is a space of light that is open for all that choose to step through the doorway into this rare light consciousness. This is a moment of returning of rejoining an extension of your own vast Heart frequency. Remember the words, “I AM”. These words support the truth to realignment. You return to the One. Remember these Words activate Truth that exists within your sacred Heart. You are all that exists within the Oneness of the God consciousness state. Live by that Truth, align to that Truth. “I AM”.




Note: You can utilize this process daily.


The Scahndahlah effect consciousness holds the Platform for the transmutation of the Earth. You, in human bodies are to play the main role of Earth’s transmutation process. Only those of you in human form can create the transmutation through the expanse of your own sacred Heart in alignment with the Scahndahlah consciousness.


This is the process for you to return and begin a fuller more complete engagement within you through the Scahndahlah effect consciousness. Play your role by deepening your natural reconnection to that which you have arisen from. Return…



  1. Align with your awareness to your Heart space with both palms on your upper chest, feel see or sense the warmth or pressure of your hands on your Heart. Take a conscious breath, in the mouth and breathe out the mouth. Letting go.
  2. Bring both palms of your hands together in the prayer position, both hands rest together touching the upper chest.
  3. Bring your awareness to where you feel both palms meet. Hold your awareness there, place a conscious breath into that connection point. Letting go…
  4. Feel see or sense an alignment open through you from where your palms are meeting, take another conscious breath and let go….
  5. Maintain your awareness on both palms. Slowly gently begin to release both palms. The palms are facing each other as you move the palms apart. The palms stop, creating an opening. Continue to hold your awareness on both palms.


  1. The opening between the two palms is like a doorway. Bring your awareness through the doorway that you see sense or feel. Enter the space, take a conscious breath like a soft wind place within the Doorway you see sense or feel.


  1. Place the sacred sound, VALM AENNN…(pronounced varm ay ennn) within the Doorway. Feel see or sense a source of light, the Schahndahlah consciousness. Take a conscious breath within the source of light that you see sense or feel. Letting go…open your awareness within the space that you see sense or feel.


  1. Place your sound, VALM AENNN… once more within the source of the Scahndahlah light consciousness you see sense or feel. Take another conscious breath and let go….


  1. Feel see or sense how you are aligning, flowing within the light that you see sense or feel.


  1. Open your awareness and let go…. Place the words, “I AM” within the space that you see sense or feel. Take a conscious breath, let go within the space that you see sense or feel. Place your words three times, “I AM” within the space. Feel a deeper merging within the essence of the Schahndahlah light that you see sense or feel. Take a conscious breath and let go…


  1. Bring your awareness back to both palms of your hands. Slowly, gently bring both hands and your awareness to rest on your upper chest of your Heart. Feel see or sense how the essence of the Scahndahlah light is re-engaging within your Heart space. Take a conscious breath and let go….



This is your journey to take. We support your continual unfolding. This is your conscious choice of returning home to an aspect of your consciousness, your light, to another aspect of your Heart.


We witness you and all that you are in this moment.



The Pleiadians