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Pleiadian Message September 2023

Beloved ones we greet you,


Vast forces of light from the Scahndahlah effect are dramatically shifting the magnetic core of Earth. These flows of powerful light are emerging through the magnetic core and radiating outwards. Impacting the energetic rotation of the planet and shifting the perception of what you refer to as time.


The weather patterns will be reflecting the shifts from the energetic rotation, creating unstable conditions, within the very different arena of climate systems being formed across the earth plane. You are being asked to let go of the old, outworn patterns created by the misperception of your ego mind. To begin a different path of orientation through your Heart space, your true reference point, your guiding light compass arises from your Heart.


You are going to require your Heart’s guiding light in the upcoming phase. Supporting you to orientate yourself through the drama, the density that is arising at this juncture on earth. Much unrest, fear and struggle will be perpetuated through this upcoming interval. In truth there is nothing to fear from this rising, magnified illusion. This is the 3rd dimensional drama playout that does not need to touch you.


Allow your guidance to arise from your Heart, take your steps forward as you consciously choose to allow change, movement to open into your life. This is your stage to choose what you need for yourself. Do not concern yourself with any other, simply choose differently, for yourself.


Allow moments of stillness within your Heart and take steps forward within the guidance, the feeling of rightness for yourself. Do not hesitate over the coming days to shift your perception from your Ego mind to your Heart.


We witness you within the perspective of Truth, of Light.



The Pleiadians