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Pleiadian Message August 2023 Article

Beloved ones we greet you,


New awakenings have been seeded across your earth plane. This happening took place at a launching moment of what we call the sacred Scahndahlah event at the time of the full moon during your last calendar month. This event has brought forth a pure light radiance on Earth, a frequency rarely ever seen within the Universe. These sacred seeds have now taken root, they are beginning to germinate. This germination has created an evolutionary phase through a series of frequency light forms, which are interacting within the magnetic core of Earth and then radiating outwards across the planet.


These higher forms of light are designed to assist you in being able to navigate into another arena of Truth. Enabling you to shift into a state of heightened awareness within your day-to-day life. Aligning you into a state of awareness to your magic and multidimensional sacred nature. Remember you are to fulfill your mission: to have your full human experience while remembering and reconnecting to your multidimensional potential of your sacred nature. This is an aspect of the ‘New Dawning’ prophecy that each one of you came to fulfill; for you to achieve self-realization in this lifetime!


The wheel has turned, and you are destined to move forward on this new energetic platform created through the activation of the Scahndahlah event. The entire energy of Earth has shifted to allow your planet to assume its natural place within the multidimensional realms of this resident universe. As an entire universal community, we can now witness this rare light emanating from your planet. There is celebration as we honor your returning!


From a third dimensional perspective you are still witnessing the drama and intensity playing out on your planet. This playout is designed to continue for some time to come. Do not be distracted by illusion.


Your mission at this juncture is to be committed to the light, the truth and to hold a steady energetic platform of light for the planet. Utilize the multidimensional form of your Heart as the pathway back to a steady reference point, like a light compass guiding you forward. These new seeds that are germinating, from the Scahndahlah event, arise from the God consciousness state, and carry the pure intelligence of the higher light. They are designed to telepathically interact directly into your Heart cells. As you align consciously into your Heart you are now enabled to receive clearer intuitive guidance of your God consciousness essence, which is your sacred makeup.


This is the plan for ‘your returning’, always destined to take place at this time. Conscious choice is everything to do with the ultimate plan, for those of you in human form to be the ones to change the energetic platform of Earth. Collectively your Hearts can create the energetic manifestation of transmutation of light on the planet. A picture, Heaven descending onto your earth plane.


Each one of you have an integral part to play within this entire shifting process of consciousness on Earth. You each carry a unique divine signature of the God consciousness state within your heart cells and that signature light is being further awakened within you now through the beginning effects of the Scahndahlah event. This unfolding is just the beginning of a huge wave of self-realization potential that is flowing forth within your planet.


The change from this rare, brilliant light is only going to expand in momentum and flow as you get closer to 2024. You are being called to ride this wave that is calling you forth. Every cell in your Heart is now linked and being reawakened by the frequency of these electrical waves and the ever-increasing build of momentum of these waves of light.


Many of you have been waiting for this energetic event, it signals a series of extraordinary energetic happenings that are about to manifest on your earth plane. Your focus commitment and preparation is required from you now.


The process is simple, a natural process. Be still and know this is the time for your returning. The returning is about your self-realization of your multidimensional sacred nature that has always been fully intact, just beyond the veils. This sacred aspect of ‘you’ is waiting for you to simply remember the state of your own existence.


There is nothing you need to change in your human aspect to take this step. You are ready, just as you are, to allow a reconnection to the sacred aspect of yourself. Know that your human ego will never be compromised by this re-alignment to your sacred aspect. You require your human aspect, your ego mind to stay in this physical body.


You have come to this planet to return, to become a spiritual being having a human experience. Know that you are not insignificant in this plan. Your unique divine frequency is essential to the whole and your individual signature is an essential ingredient to holding a pure platform of light for humanity.


There is much for you to achieve as a collective consciousness on Earth. You are being asked to come together in groups to create energetic pattern signatures that can be created through collective heart frequencies. These energetic patterns are going to support the expansion and further anchoring of the ‘Scahndahlah’ energetic waves on the planet. Your participation in this format is part of your collective mission.




Note: This is where two or more people gather. This process can be done in person or from a distance where everyone links into their places energetically, in a Zoom meet for example.

Know that you can call us, the Pleiadians forward to support you in this circle process if all people agree for us to participate.


  1. Form a circle with your group of people.
  2. In the center of the circle place a crystal or rock.
  3. Begin by everyone holding their Heart space. Both palms resting on the upper chest. Align to the Heart space, by bringing your awareness to the warmth, pressure of the hands on your Heart. Take a conscious breath and place it into the hands, build this connection.
  4. Take the time for everyone to anchor down into their place in the circle, from the Heart space, anchoring like roots of a tree coming down into the earth.
  5. Once the anchoring into their place feels complete, then everyone links back into their Heart space. Taking the time to align deeper within their Heart, utilizing the conscious breath and letting go.
  6. Bring the sacred sound, DAHNAH (pronounced dar nah) within the Heart. You want to make the sound 3 times. You want to repeat this full round 3 times, (total of 9 sounds)

You need to place your awareness within the Heart as you make the sound. See sense or feel the Heart cells begin to open, or a sense of the space of the Heart responding in some way.

  1. Every person in the circle brings their awareness from their Heart into the central crystal or stone simultaneously. As you do this all the collective Heart energies begin to blend, weave together.
  2. Place a Conscious breath into the space of the collective Heart energies.
  3. Then place the sound, DAHNAH within the blend of the Heart energy. Create the sound 9 times. See sense or feel the creation of the collective patten activating.
  4. When it feels complete bring your awareness back to your own Heart space, feel see or sense how the flow of the collective energy flow expands through your Heart. use your conscious breath to integrate this energy flow within your Heart.


Know that within this month you can contribute to the transformation of your planet by creating these energetic pattern signatures with this group process. Once they are formed by the group process, they will be immediately utilized by the Scahndahlah energetic waves.


We witness you as you take further steps forward into your destined awakening. We hold an energetic mantle of love surrounding the planet in support of all humanity as you enter this next phase of transmutation. Know that all is in hand.



The Pleiadians