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Christine’s Message July 2023



I feel like I am on an accelerated path of change as we enter the month of July. The Pleiadians are giving me an energetic map of the planet from the upcoming energetic shifts that will take place at the time of the full moon on the 3rd/4th of July. I know that great change and opportunity is upon all of us on the path. This is a time of great opportunity for all of us who are committed to our awakening. So much beauty and light are currently unfolding across the planet right now reflecting these imminent changes. The entire planet is opening on another level in readiness for these pure energetic shifts to anchor.


I have been given the gift of holding an enormous ‘knowing’ tremendous joy unfolding within my heart. Mother Mary has been strongly with me over the last week, creating another overlay of her light within my heart.


I am very aware of my need to let go, as I am aware of allowing a sacred fluidity to enter my cells. The Pleiadians have been with me strongly placing a higher consciousness of knowing, like a mantle around me in preparation for these upcoming transformational states of returning.


I feel the joy of being in this pure space of light energy that continues to unfold building day by day in this beautiful expanse of the limitless land, in the quietness, within the sacred stillness of this outback area of Australia.


Just know that I will be holding a strong energetic Platform for everyone who chooses to access the higher energetic markers at the time of the full moon. You just need to call my energy forward at that precise moment. I send love and blessings out to you. I witness you and all that you are in this moment.