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Pleiadian Message June 2023

Beloved ones we greet you,


Great spaces of light consciousness are descending to Earth creating patterns throughout your skyline, simultaneously the Sun’s rays are intensifying heralding in another aspect of the New Dawning’s frequency on the earth plane. You are being prepared energetically to align within this higher arena of pure vibrancy light, which is being made manifest through your Heart, bringing your Heart into to a newly aligned frequency of its potential.


The words ring down from the heavens from the God Seat of Power to you: “Be still and within the stillness you will know yourself, you will remember and then you will BE! All is in hand and know that you are being held within the sacred Truth of your being.”


This is your ultimate time to receive the Blessings that have always been yours to hold within you. They are being returned to you at this juncture. They are yours by divine right. This is the time in your destiny to re-embody these Blessings, which support the redefinition of yourself.


Sit quietly in the dawn or the sunset, the magic hour, when the veils are thin, where you can more easily receive the essence of your blessings. Hold your Heart with the express purpose of receiving. Place your awareness on either the rising or setting Sun. Hold your hand on your Heart and choose to let go. Just in one moment in time of letting go you can receive the elementals of your blessings. Use the words, “I AM”. Allow all to fall away in that moment, allow a returning as you let go.


We witness you in Love,



The Pleiadians