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Christine’s Message June 2023



As our planet has energetically shifted into a new era of awakening, simultaneously I have been self-empowered through a realignment process that has repositioned me into viewing the human aspect of life from a different perspective.


There has been an incredible inner transformation taking place within me as I have been enabled to align into a multitude of higher knowing multidimensional perceptions. These higher insights have moved me into an aspect of knowing that has allowed me to let go on a very different level than ever before.


I am witnessing the 3rd dimensional life being human from a different perspective, which has moved me into being liberated from being engaged in any possible human drama. Creating a new level of peaceful stabilization within my entire being. It’s as though I have emerged, like a butterfly from a cocoon, being aligned into a sacred space of being and feeling whole. I am taking the time just to Be, while allowing myself to orientate differently to my new wings.


I do know that my experience mirrors the potential of great change for all of us on the path. I am very aware of me engaging, holding a higher Platform for all humanity. And I do know that my work holding this Platform for all of you will create significant opportunities for you to allow yourself to move into a redefined space of your own higher knowing.


Together we can create a vast Platform to support the changing arena of consciousness for the earth plane. We have said, “yes” to this aspect of the mission. Remember we collectively need to consciously let go and allow a rapid unfolding within our Hearts.


The Pleiadians have made this very clear that for you to individually choose change, you are required to actively engage through your Heart. That is where you relink within the alternate reality space of your sacred being.  Strong forces are at work to hold the sacred blueprints in place to enable our collective and individual self-launching.


This is a very potent time for these changes to unfold within. Claim yourself within moments by aligning in your Heart. Together we play our collective roles and create the change in destiny for the planet.



Love and blessings,