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Christine’s Message May 2023


I have travelled back to Alice Springs from the U.S.A and I am feeling a huge relief within me to be back within the pure environment here. I missed being within the vast multidimensional spaces that exists and the beautiful essence of our land. As I arrived back in Alice Springs, I could feel how I was being held while simultaneously drawn within the pure space of nourishing light, deeply received back into the wholeness of consciousness that is present. The experience was as though I could take a deeper breath for the first time in many weeks and was able to let go and surrender on yet another level than ever before. I could feel the importance of me going away so that I was able to experience a coming back into this environment.


I am aware that I have a lot of work to do over the coming weeks. There are special forces of light coming onto the planet during this month of May that will require me to be more focused than I have experienced previously. I am being shown how I am to let go on a very different level and allow another launching of my Pleiadian Self to unfold. To surrender and allow a further expanse of the pure manifestation of my Pleiadian energy, my essence to anchor, birth within me.


I am ready to let go. I am ready to allow another form of my higher Pleiadian Self to anchor through me. Being away has led me to this next step in my evolution. I do know that these higher forms of light that are coming onto the planet are here for all of us. I will be dedicated to holding a framed platform of light for all of you who are committed to this further launching within yourself.


I feel excited by the May 5th class for the Diamond Arc community project. I know the energy of this process is going to create an inner acceleration of awakening and inner fulfillment for all those who choose to play their part in this project. Remember we have individually pre agreed to play a significant role in the process. Your unique Heart frequency will contribute to create the weave to make this sacred form of the Diamond Arc active. As you set your vibrational light in motion your Heart will undergo a huge opening! I am thrilled and deeply touched by the vast number of people who have agreed to work beside me worldwide and who are dedicated to playing this sacred role in our community project.


Whatever you are doing in your lives right now each conscious moment contributes to the changing energetic landscape on Earth.


I send love and blessings out to each one of you as you step forward on another level during this powerful and profound time during May.