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Pleiadian Message April 2023

Beloved ones we greet you,


The great winds of change continue to flow throughout your planet. There is a sacred resurrection of monumental proportions opening throughout Earth as the consciousness of the multidimensional magnetic core within the planet shifts. The picture: a lotus flower opening, the petals pure and white, a sacred violet flame arises within the very center, surrounded by a soft pink hew of pure life force rising upwards, outwards.


Change is upon you. Your unique Heart is pulsing in levels of alignment with the magnetic core of Earth. Through the sacred opening of the violet flame within the core, you are enabled to interact with this empowering essence. As you consciously engage through your Heart there is a natural interaction within your heart cells to the sacred flame.


Stillness within your Heart, alignment, transmutation these are the steps that you are being called to set in motion. This is the time for you to take conscious steps towards your light within your Heart. One conscious step by you allows change to take place. You make the difference by one conscious action of alignment to your Heart.


We witness you and allow the changes within you to unfold naturally. You are like the lotus flower. Your Heart is the lotus flower. Your awareness aligning to your Heart is like water to the flower. Let go and allow your Heart to unfold, ignite the violet flame within your Heart.



The Pleiadians