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Christine’s Message April 2023



Late March Alisa and I left Alice Springs to journey back to the USA for a few weeks. We have just spent the last week up on our land in Grand Marais, Minnesota. The house was nestled deeply in snow as we drove up the driveway onto our land. We were hit by a powerful wave of expansive energy from the Lake as we arrived at the house, being greeted, instantly aligned to a pure force of consciousness as we entered the energies of the Galactic Receiving Station. We were both deeply moved being back in this sacred space.


During the week I spent some amazing times being fully immersed in Communion with the Galactic council, while interacting with the Lemurians, Galactic groups and the Pleiadians. I was directed to make some necessary adjustments to the crystals in our workroom in readiness for the activation of our community project for launching the Diamond Arc. I was shown three more crystals to take back with us to Alice Springs.


This entire week was a powerful process involving the intertwining of higher energetic profiles opening within me. I was imprinted with a sacred key from the Aboriginal elders in the early hours of the morning as I worked with the crystals, making energetic adjustments within the Vortex that are necessary for our ongoing community project. I felt deeply touched by the entire process, very emotional and grateful for the sacred journey that we have said, “Yes, to participating” on this new path that Alisa and I have chosen to take in our lives.


What touches me the most is the community project, that you are all participating with us and collectively we will create this sacred Arc Network between us for the planet. I do hope you are all working with the material from our first class in preparation for the May 5th gathering. My heart is filled, and I have moved into another state of renewal in readiness for this next step.


I do know that the energies on the planet are accelerating right now and that we as a community are making a difference with the work that is being done within each individual Heart in readiness for our second community meet up. This is a self-empowering time to reclaim your power, your mission, as you prepare for your next step.


I will be returning to Alice Springs in the third week of April. I cannot wait to be back to the sacred pure space of the land, to return to our new home. There is much to be done and I open in a state of joyful receivership for this adventure.


Know that I hold the Platform for all of you to let go and open deeply within the sacred spaces of your Heart. Allow your Heart to be your only true orientation, to be your guiding compass on your path.


Let go and allow an unfolding of your path.


Love and blessings,