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Christine’s Message January 2023



I send greetings to you from the pure beautiful space of Alice Springs. I wish you a self- empowerment journey for 2023 and may you have a joyous and magical year ahead.


I now have a deeper appreciation of being brought to Alice Springs for the unfolding of my next step of awakening. Nothing could have prepared me for this deep, expansive, profound experiences of being here in this higher energetic frequency. I know that I am being prepared to transmit the pure frequencies of consciousness from this exceptional space where I find myself. I am filled with gratitude peace and something else quite indefinable. I feel renewed and in a state of peaceful joy.


I have a stronger inner knowing of the importance of this next step of my mission in the world as I align through the alternate reality consciousness levels that exist here. I know that this energetic platform will enable me to springboard and magnify the transmissions out to all of you who are ready to receive clearer pure states of light. There are powerful images being returned to me that will enable more complete communion openings to expand through me out to each one of you.


Alisa and I have been and are still going through a strong energetic readjustment period here in Alice. We spend time outside of the town being realigned to alternate reality states and then being integrated on many levels within. We are still waiting to find our land as we have been guided to look at rural properties just outside Alice Springs. This entire process is about letting go and actively waiting for the right place to be available for us. There is nothing to do but wait and trust. Meanwhile we are being housed in a beautiful place and taking the time to rest and rejuvenate ourselves. Being here is like an immersion in a warm bath of liquid light as we orientate to the energetic pulse of the land.


At times our minds kick in wanting to find a place now, to be able to settle somewhere and set up our home. We watch the dialogue of the mind and then we move back into the truth of the importance of ‘actively waiting’ for the perfect divine timing of finding our place. We move back into a state of letting go and trust.


I recently ‘found’ the first rock that is to be part of the Diamond Arc anchor here in Alice Springs, this is the first of many physical pieces of the puzzle to be gathered. This brought me and Alisa great excitement. The guidance was do not look for the rocks, they will be naturally placed in your path. I was sitting on a rock and there it was, right in front of me.


The entire process will lead to the building and activation of the pure Arc of Diamond Light from Alice Springs to our Galactic Receiving Station in Grand Marais, MN once the land here becomes available to us. The feeling is that we will find the land no later than February.


We ask you to continue to hold the fulfillment of this mission in your Heart and send us energetic support as we move forward. I will keep you posted as our journey unfolds.


Love and blessings,