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Pleiadian Message December 2022

Beloved ones we greet you,


You have taken a journey of unlimited proportions by agreeing to come to the planet at this time of transition and play your unique individual roles on Earth. Remember you said “yes” to being here. Your Ego mind may not remember the pre agreements that you made for this juncture however your Heart holds the frequency of these pre agreements.


Your Heart is the key to your remembering. There has never been such an essential time to work within your Heart’s structure. Each time you enter the frequency of your Heart there is an inner shift that takes place, your Heart transforms. Your Heart is your only true reference point to aligning you Home, to a higher state of truth. This time is about you claiming your Heart as a multidimensional tool, learning how to utilize this tool and forging a higher path of consciousness for yourself to align deeply within your unique flow of light. The essence of your Heart’s tool can be seen sensed or felt and is ready to reveal to you a limitless form of Self.


During this upcoming phase of change at New Year you can enter a higher frequency consciousness state through your Heart’s expression of aliveness. Your planet leaves one energetic phase and enters a higher energetic arena which opens the more expansive design to anchor you further within the Heart’s knowing. In truth you are your Heart’s frequency. Your divine unique signature is an essential part of the makeup of your Heart.


Take the time to unveil yourself to you. Be still and focus on the goal of self-realization through your Heart. The words, “I AM” link you to a reuniting of your essence.


We witness you and hold the platform for those of you who have said yes to this self- resurrection process of your Heart.



The Pleiadians