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Christine’s Message 2022


I know that the energies are building as we enter the last month of 2022! There is a strong call going out from the Pleiadians for us to individually continue to build a deepening connection within the energetic framework of our multidimensional Hearts. Over the coming weeks we can expect many subtle and not so subtle changes in the electrical frequency within our heart cells.


This may result in a building of intensity within our emotional systems, so it is imperative that you be aware of a conscious letting go in your day to day lives. We are being prepared to enter a very different orientation as we move towards the New Year. There is a powerful turning point coming for all of us on the path.


We have been in Sydney with my family, orientating ourselves to the reality that we have moved to Australia. We’ll leave here on a four-day road trip that feels an essential step to a further energetic orientation as we travel past Canberra into the Barossa Valley through Coober Pedy and then onto Alice Springs.


Alisa and I are looking forward to the journey, feels as though it will be another step towards acclimating ourselves through the doorway to our adventure, entering the next phase of our lives. I am looking forward to driving through the desert areas of Australia and simply taking in the vast beauty of the outback areas.


Meanwhile we have been adapting to how basic tasks are done a bit differently here, preparing to move on and finding a vehicle that is suitable for exploring the landscape and surrounding areas of Alice Springs. Alisa and I are doing a lot of letting go, moving forward into entirely new territory on every level. We are trusting, breathing and are in a deep state of ‘not knowing’.


We will both have a lot of individual processing as we travel to Alice Springs, the drive itself will be helpful in allowing a deeper letting go into the flow. We are excited while being aware of the need for a continual commitment to this ongoing letting go process within.


We will keep you all updated as we go and ask for your continual support as we move forward.


Love and blessings,