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Pleiadian Message November 2022

Beloved ones we greet you,


We hold the energetic container of Earth as your magnetic core increases in its vibrational light, creating wave like flows of light to move across your earth plane. These energies are preparing the planet and your own heart cells to receive seeds of light that will grow and expand within your consciousness and within your heart cells. You are being prepared to be launched into another arena of experience, a higher more complete connection to your elevated Self.


At this juncture revelations are being made manifest through the waves of light which are creating reflections of your higher light to illuminate your consciousness for you to align with Truth. As the illusion expands its tentacles grow, however you are being realigned to your natural state of being light. The heaviness of illusion will not prevent your light from shining forth.


Through your Heart all is being revealed. Like another language, at first you do not understand however as you utilize your Heart more and more you begin to receive the understanding, to receive the rhythm of light which is designed to show you the way, to reveal a remembering process within. The Ego mind can never perceive Truth.


We call to you to take moments withnin your Heart in preparation for the next happening in the moment of 2023. Trust and choose to let go within your Heart. The veils of your Heart are being released now for you to see, know, and remember.



The Pleiadians