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Christine’s Message November 2022



What an amazing time we are living. There are many dynamics happening simultaneously in our world and within our lives. The intense 3rd dimensional drama is accelerating while we are individually being given gifts and blessings that are being returned to us from our sacred component.


We get to choose to utilize these gifts in moments by aligning through our hearts or stay in a place of drama and suffering within the illusion. It is very easy to get sucked into the hole of illusional playouts with social media. And you could ask what is truth? Our Hearts are the only true reference point in our lives at this juncture. Our Heart can be depended upon to bring wholeness, clarity, and peace to us during this time of upheaval.


Alisa and I are leaving for Australia in less than two weeks and arriving in Alice Springs early December. We are being launched into an entirely different energetic arena as we enter the red center of Australia. The Pleiadians are saying that it is essential for us to align into these higher energetic arenas’ that only exist in the inner sanctum of Australia. This journey is like a returning to where we have previously lived in another lifetime. We are to transmit these amazing frequencies from these sacred places out into the world.


There is so much we need to complete before we leave our beloved Galactic Receiving Station here in Grand Marais. We continue to let go and trust the unfolding of our paths as we move forward.


The land that we originally wanted to buy is not open to us right now. We do not have the funds to purchase at this point. This does not mean we won’t ultimately be on this land; however, we must trust the zigzag path. The Pleiadians did bring to our awareness that while we were first looking at this property, we received a powerful imprint that is still anchoring through our Heart cells. Our guidance on entering Alice Springs is to allow this imprint to guide us to an alternate site of land that we can begin our energetic work. They wish for us to start the process of creating an energetic site in readiness to launch the Diamond Arc of light consciousness for the Community project.


As we get prepare to leave our land in Grand Marais, I have been guided to create another sacred circle within the workroom in readiness for this circle to receive and play the role of anchor for the Diamond Arc energy, so that this energy will initially forge and align into the full Galactic Receiving Station.


There are a lot of details to share with you around this entire process. I would ask you to watch the November Pleiadian Broadcast on our website under Free Recourses to receive and understand the full details of the upcoming Community project that you can play a part if it feels right for you.


As we move forward onto this next phase of our journey, we will keep you updated on our progress. Remember to let go and know how essential you are to the planet at this time. Each time you choose to let go in small and large ways you make the difference.


I send love and blessings out to each one of you.