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Christine’s Message October 2022



How wonderful to be with you at such a sacred time on our earth plane. As we enter October we are launched into a next phase of awakening on Earth. From this month and the months leading into New Year we are going to be repositioned in a very different way than ever before, aligned into a higher consciousness environment within ourselves in readiness for 2023.


We in human bodies who are on an awakened path have made pre agreements to have the purpose of our missions to shift open into our own unique consciousness to create a higher network of connection with each other. These sacred connections that we make consciously through our Heart with other human beings, building sacred community structures will strongly impact the Earth and all mankind.


Community is two or more people coming together with the express purpose of building moments of a heart unity frequency. Between us, collectively, we can birth a sacred network of pure Heart light frequency that will set in motion a changing consciousness on Earth. A call is going out to all of us who have pre agreed to be involved to take our place on a completely different level than ever before, to actively choose to engage, to birth this Heart light network and hold the essence of this Network between the consciousness of our collective Heart’s.


I am being placed in Alice Springs for this specific unfolding purpose and it is from the exceptional expanding pure spaces that exists in this area of the world that I will transmit these pure states out to all of you. These higher consciousness spaces will enable you as an individual and as communities to play your roles in the forming of these sacred Network communities.


This is my next role of fulfillment of my mission. Simultaneously we, as a community will be holding the energetic to build the pure Arc of Diamond Light from Alice Springs and form a bridge to the Galactic Receiving Station in Grand Marais MN USA.  The Diamond Arc of Light will be the main branch anchor that will make the building of this network of light consciousness possible in our communities. And of course, we will be totally supported and guided by the Pleiadians, the full Galactic community and the Galactic council.


I will be placing a call out to all of you who wish to be part of this collective community work once we are settled in Alice Springs. My feeling is that this will be around February of 2023.


We collectively are destined to fulfill this purpose. Between us we will forge and hold open a blueprint frequency for other communities throughout the world to follow.


This is a glorious time of entering a phase of purpose and each one of you can contribute through your own unique blueprint of light consciousness that you carry within you for the express purpose of building this Network. You each hold a piece of this blueprint within your sacred Heart space.


We leave for Australia in six weeks, and we still plan to be in Alice Springs by early December. Alisa and I have been through a powerful time of an enormous letting go process, as we let go we are undergoing a rapid transition of inner change, powerful intense and beautiful. We are being given a lot of grace with a tremendous flow to prepare for this next step in our lives. We are filled with gratitude for all we are being given in the way of energetic support from all of you and the vast space being held for us from energetic and galactic realms.


I will continue to keep you updated on our unfolding process.


Love and blessings,