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Pleiadian Message September 2022

Beloved ones we greet you,


We witness you as you navigate your way through your life. There is a higher frequency open into the Earth’s atmosphere supporting you in entering a higher state of consciousness.  As the light on your planet intensifies further, another level of light is creating a shift to support you in launching yourself within a different framework within your life. The framework begins to align within your physical and energetic body creating a transmutation. This transmutation allows you to begin another element of your journey to unfold within your life as you live it now. Your own consciousness will be enabled to unfold into a higher realm of reality Truth.


At this juncture it is essential for you to be clear how the Ego mind brings a very limited and negative focus into your life. As though it shows you a shadow of your life, devoid of Truth, light and your magic that arises within you. The Ego mind has always based its decision making on what has happened in the past or has a story about the future. This misperception creates a total illusion for what is happening now, void of Truth in the moment. Truth can be accessed in the moment, within your own Heart.


The Ego minds dialogue is constantly reinforcing the existence of fear and lack in your day-to-day life. Know that in Truth, that you are not your Ego mind. The Ego mind’s story will always keep you small and limited. Your Ego mind will negate any experience that is beyond the 3rd  dimension.


This time is about you dislodging yourself from the illusion. The launching takes place as you release yourself, taking moment to move from the illusion into your Heart space. The time is here for you to contribute to the vast consciousness within humanity, to shift the density of the illusion. As you allow moments of unfolding in your Heart you begin to recreate your own energetic profile.


We witness you as you choose to unfold.


The Pleiadians