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Pleiadian Message August 2022

Beloved Ones We Greet You,


The die is cast… there is a process of the birthing of sacred environmental formations opening within your Earth. There is a vast light, like a net that has been released across the planet forging a higher energetic resonance throughout the planet and opening a divine realignment of sacred structures to be made manifest from this resident Universe to Earth.


The vibrational expansion from the magnetic core is shifting once more bringing a higher resonance alliance to form between the earth plane and this resident Universe. The Universal God consciousness has been enabled to align within the sacred structures of your planet creating a strengthening and essential multidimensional energetic ‘tie’ to Earth for the very first time in the history of the planet. This alignment that has been forged is directly responsible for the expanse of light that is currently launching each one of you individually into a higher level of sacred resonance of Self. These realignments have formed as part of a pre-destined happening, allowing a rapid shift of consciousness to all who are ready to be launched into the sacred elements of Home.


This time of revelation is upon those of you who choose to realign once more to the pure state of liberation and Truth, which exists within your Hearts.



The Pleiadians