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Pleiadian Message July 2022

Beloved ones we greet you,


Earth has entered a next phase of its destined transition. The Galactic community is playing a greater role on the planet at this juncture. They are here specifically to support those of you who are ready to be launched into more complete relationship with the Universal life force groups which exist throughout your resident universe. They will bring essential understanding to you and your communities for your self-empowerment. This is the time for you to flourish on another level, you have been waiting for this next phase of expansion.


The energies on the planet are building into an energetic wave of light resonance. These new frequencies are here right now to support you take your next step of a higher consciousness reconnection which is designed to propel you into a personal resurrection within you.  This is the time of liberation as you are enabled to separate yourself away from negative deep-seated illusion of limitation that has been an aspect of the playout for lifetimes.


Know that you are being held and supported during this transition. Remember to let go of the drama, the illusion that is playing out in your world. Be still within your Heart and reimagine your life from your Heart’s perspective.



The Pleiadians