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Pleiadian July 2022 Article

Beloved ones we greet you,


The shifting light from the sacred Sun is illuminating further into your world creating a continuation of unearthing the 3rd dimensional density, building waves of further distortions within the illusion. These shafts of light are intensifying the drama throughout your planet, while simultaneously there are vast openings of multidimensional potential being made available to those of you who are ready to receive.


This is an essential time for you as an individual as you witness these changes taking place and to also understand the incredible potential that is now emerging within the energetic space through your own Heart. Bringing to you an appreciation of how you have always existed within the sacred design of the Universe and the how this unique imprint of you has always existed within your Heart cells.


This imprint is actively emerging energetically from within you. In truth there is a higher vibrational pulse that is emanating from within your Heart cells. This is the next phase of your awakening that has always been pre-destined to enable you to re-align into the frequency access code of your higher consciousness flow.


All the grids and vortexes are opening to their full multidimensional potential, like a flower would open its petals to the Sun. The energetic dynamics of your world on Earth are to undergo further transformation as a series of sacred flows of light consciousness re-emerges within the planet. These energetic pure flows are expanding outwards from the central magnetic core and pulsing across the earth plane and then into the Universe creating sacred circles of completion energy. These flows contain the unique vibrational links that your Heart cells recognize and are being instrumental in your destined awakening now. These pure fluid frequencies are designed to reposition your consciousness back into a natural state of your Sacred makeup.


These vibrational flows open creation pathways, which are to be made accessible to you, reopening the doorways of reconnection and reunion to your Family of Origin, and making possible your realignment to your higher consciousness Self. This ‘Self’ energy is a natural extension of who you have always been. There is a destiny timing, like an alarm clock, which is setting in motion the reopening of these doorways, enabling you to walk through and reclaim the timeless setting of your multidimensional self.


As you engage within the vibrational flows, your physical Heart cells are becoming bathed within this higher flowing consciousness of yourself. This is the action of you becoming re-infused by your own unique divine light flow.


You are each are being given individual stepping-stones for self-realization to allow a next step completion of returning. This is an aspect of your natural entitlement to all aspects of your power. Your right to establish yourself within the God seat of power within this resident Universe. The destiny wheel turns for those of you who have been actively choosing to re-engage beyond the illusion.


Through the simple steps of being within the stillness within your Heart you can become more aware of these openings within you. This time is about reconnection, reunion and about your inner desire to receive. You already are whole, this sacred aspect of you is complete and this part of you lies just beyond the veils.


You return into this higher awareness state through choosing to link within the stillness that exists within your Heart space. Within the stillness you will discover a vast space of your higher consciousness and relink within the sacred fluid lines of your imprint Higher Self.


You are required to realign to your natural gifts held within your Heart in order to begin to understand your individual purpose for this time. This understanding does not engage the Ego mind’s thought processes but moves like a wave and connects into the desire of the sacred Heart. Realization of your Heart’s desire is essential at this juncture, the essence of this desire is designed to move you into action that ensures the fulfillment of your purpose. There is a letting go of the old ways to ensure an allowance of the full birthing process of your purpose, leading into the completion of your mission here on Earth.


Remember you have always been pre-destined to set in motion your own awakening, to activation your own time clock within your multidimensional system of your Heart. This is your free will choice to let go and bring yourself into the alignment to Truth, which has always existed within you. This is the time to claim ownership of your vast potential to knowing and clarity, to launch yourself from your Heart space and root yourself firmly within the expanse of your altered consciousness.


We can only guide you into this realignment and then as you emerge back within your vibrational flow you become like a butterfly coming out from its cocoon. You take flight and rejoin us in communion as you take your full place within the Universal consciousness. This is a time of rapid transmutation like never previously known, a process of transmutation as your inner sacred flow becomes self-realized within you. Consciously say yes to taking this journey into this next step of self-illumination.



PROCESS:  Remember your Heart is a multidimensional doorway, a vehicle for you to re-access the natural extension of your Higher Self. The focus is simple, to choose to emerge within the stillness of your Heart and just be. What is essential is not to rush the process of reconnection to your Heart. Your Ego mind will never understand any aspect of this journey.


  1. Bring both palms to rest on your physical chest. Hold your awareness on where you feel see or sense the physical pressure of your palms, or warmth of your hands connecting to your chest.
  2. Hold your awareness on this area as you take a Conscious breath, and place the outbreath, like a soft wind, where you see sense or feel the area where you are holding your palms.
  3. Take another Conscious breath into the opening and simply choose to let go.
  4. Place the sacred sound, ENDAHNNN… (pronounced endarn) within the space that you see sense or feel. Your sound creates a unique frequency that your heart cells recognize.
  5. Place your sound again, ENDAHNNN… within the space of your heart that you sense, see or feel. Take a Conscious breath into the opening.
  6. Hold your awareness on both palms as you gently, slowly draw your physical hands away from your physical chest, (approximately 5 cm or 2 inches away.) A veil is being released from your Heart as you do this, feel see or sense the opening.
  7. Allow your awareness to open into the doorway as the veil releases, feel see or sense the space.
  8. Place your sacred sound, ENDAHNNN… within the space, feel see or sense the space of your Heart opening to you. Take a conscious breath and let go into the stillness.
  9. Bring your physical palms to rest back on your chest, feel see or sense the space of your Heart. Choose to let go in this space by bringing your awareness onto where you feel the physical connection to your chest.


Each time you do this process you are creating building blocks of returning to the stillness within your Heart. You are actively choosing to activate the flow and to reconnect to the sacred part of you. This is a natural process of your reunion with Self.


Change is happening in your life, you choosing to take responsibility to regain alignment to the mastership of yourself through your Heart opens the doorway to your sacred heritage. You have chosen to come here and be a guiding light to humanity on Earth and through this reconnection to your mastership you become a lighthouse for others, creating the pathway for others to find their way home.


Remember all mastery lives within the vastness of your Heart. Your Heart is your stability. The vibration of love is the essence of the container of your Heart. All Truth arises from your Heart. Your Heart is your compass to guiding you to Home.


We witness you as you come Home.



The Pleiadians