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Christine’s Message July 2022



This has been a whirlwind month as we have settled back into Grand Marais and are adjusting to all the upcoming changes in our life. I want to acknowledge all of you who have sent emails of energetic support for this next phase of the mission. I am excited by how the Pleiadians and Galactic community are opening up the many energetic plans for our future in Alice Springs.


These plans bring me a lot of joy because it allows you to play an active role in this next step of the mission with us. Alisa and I love how you as a community are destined to be energetically involved in the forming of the powerful Diamond Arc consciousness that is to be created between the land in Alice Springs and here in Grand Marais. Our energetic connections will build and flourish as a community when we work together to achieve this goal. We will continue to keep you updated as we move forward towards our arrival in Alice Springs at the end of November.


The energies on the planet keep building, there are a series of powerful re-structured multidimensional bands of light that are being reopened through all the vortexes across the planet. These new frequencies are to support all of us in our next step of reconnection and to set in motion a personal resurrection within you.  This is the time for us to liberate ourselves from the deep-seated old illusions that we have held for lifetimes within our systems.


Remember the power of the Conscious breath, choosing to let go and allow the shedding of the old shells that are ready to simply fall away, like a cloak.


Sending love and blessings to you all,