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Pleiadian June 2022 Article

Beloved ones we greet you,


The winds of change continue to build in momentum on your planet. These energetic shifts are accelerating within your earth plane as the vibrational light held within magnetic core of Earth continues to increase in magnitude. Earth is now entering and aligning to the most sacred imprints of the Universe.


A series of new Vortex structures have been made manifest on the planet through these sacred imprints. These Vortexes hold the higher forms of frequencies destined to enable you to move into a next phase of your transition on the earth plane. These Vortexes have never been experienced before in the history of your Earth. The vibrational forms held within the Vortex’s are communication towers that are designed to create vast changes within the rhythmic flow of consciousness light that is emanating from this resident Universe to Earth.


These communications from the Universe hold the higher forms of sacred light patterns that have been set in motion to promote, reactivate your natural abilities of communion. These patterns flow and work within the telepathic senses of your brain center switching back on a sensor that has been lying dormant within your Pineal until this moment.


These patterns are interactive between these higher elemental frequency Vortex structures and sacred sites. All sacred sites were originally placed strategically throughout the planet to enable a forming of a series of sacred spiraling spheres of light within the Earth. These Spheres are aligned to the communication towers that are becoming active now to support you in your next step of evolution. The Spheres transmission are being magnified through the configuration of the Stargates on the planet. The Stargates are playing a pivotal role in this transitional phase.


Those of you on the path need to develop the reawakening of your communion centers to fulfill your pre agreements of working more completely within the Galactic community. This is destiny, a time for the fruition of community gatherings to open between you and your Galactic neighbors.


Our role right now is to act as a guide; to instill a more complete understanding of your abilities that have lain dormant since this incarnation. You are ready to be moved, realigned dimensionally to your higher gifts. This involves the repositioning of your consciousness, which aligns you to your sacred senses.  As you choose to re-engage within an alternate arena within yourself you enter a more complete aspect of the makeup of your being. This arena of your senses holds the design to bring you back into alignment to your higher knowing.


In Truth you have an indefinable unique power, an unlimited source of your energy which needs to be tapped into that is ready to flourish now within your existence here. Remember you have an untapped potential within your brain, which is referred to as your sacred senses. These sacred senses are held within areas of your brain that you have never utilized in this lifetime. The changing energetic arena of Earth is enabling you to hold the energetic platform for you to launch yourself, to utilize your sacred senses. This higher arena allows you to activate and stabilize within your higher potential of transmutation. This is where the entire setting of your brain waves transmutes into a higher energetic configuration that gives you a re-access into the doorway of your sacred senses.



This is a self-empowerment process for the transmutation of your Brain waves.


Touch your Pineal with your Index finger. Your Pineal is located 1” (2.5cm) above the 3rd eye position. Note that it is not necessary to hold your index finger on the Pineal space the entire process. Once you have aligned into your Pineal doorway you can release that physical connection. Remember this position is simply the doorway to an expansive multidimensional space.


  1. Hold your awareness on your Pineal for 10 seconds.
  2. Take a Conscious breath and place it, like a soft wind, within the space of the Pineal that you see sense or feel. Note: The Conscious breath is a breath taken in the mouth and released out of the mouth. A rule, wherever your awareness is being focused the Conscious breath automatically flows within that space.
  3. Wait until you see sense or feel an opening, or something being switched on. This is the conscious process of you realigning your awareness within a different framework of your brain function.
  4. Place the sacred sound, AHNNN… (pronounced ARN) within the space and feel see or sense an activation, alignment to an alternate frequency setting, a flow opening within your brain. Utilize this sound until you experience a completion energy for now.
  5. Place another Conscious breath within the space, which allows you a further deepening of alignment within this changing frequency or flow.
  6. Choose to let go within this space by opening your awareness deeper within the space of flow that you feel see or sense.
  7. Bring in the sacred sound, AHNNN… into the flowing waves you see sense or feel.
  8. Within the space you find yourself begin to see sense or feel the flowing waves, and then the Spheres of light that are being transmitted from the Universe into you, re-aligning you, repositioning you within the shifting brain waves.
  9. When this process feels complete for now bring your awareness back to your Index finger on your Pineal position. Align back into your body and integrate.


Note: You are launching yourself into an aspect of the flow, part of your authentic Being. Don’t try and assess and understand this process with your Ego mind. This process is not to be understood from a 3rd dimensional perspective. Rather work with the process and let go. Choosing not to understand. There will be a gradual unravelling of the old and a gentle shifting of your perspective which will unfold you. Do this above process daily.


Through the changes created within your brain waves you are now being enabled to move away from the Ego mind’s limited perception You are being empowered to activate ‘another turn of the wheel’, setting in motion a next step phase within your evolution as you work through your Pineal.


The Ego mind can only operate through the 3rd dimensional illusion of fear worry and lack. During this upcoming time frame within the energetic shifts on Earth an aspect of the illusion of human perfection can simply fall away from you, like a cloak being untied and slipping off your shoulders. You are destined to immerge from the cocoon of illusion at this juncture and to take flight like a butterfly, setting yourself free.


An essential aspect that supports your evolution is the process of self-acceptance of who you are now in your life and all the roles you have played as a human being. This is a time to honor your unique idiosyncrasies as a human being. And as you choose to let go of the illusion you can begin a process of self-introspection by witnessing the zig-zag path of your journey here on Earth as a human being.


Through acceptance, the honoring of all experiences both the very difficult moments and the very beautiful moments allows you to begin to take responsibility for your own creation. One individual experience is not more than another. You simply claim all that you have created in your life. Through this act of self-acceptance, you begin to take responsibility for the parts you have played within each unique area of your life. Self-acceptance of your own ‘perfectly imperfect’ human self is the action of self-love.


You are moving into a very different time of experience than ever before as the Earth shifts dimensionally. This is a process of self-discovery as you move through the unravelling of your old, limited self while reopening into a vast aspect of your unlimited potential of sacred consciousness.


We continue to hold the energetic blueprint of the ultimate profile of your new Earth’s multidimensional transmutation. This can be likened to holding an energetic mirror steady while your planet moves through this metamorphic shift. This mirroring enables the planet to constantly upgrade, adjusting itself as it aligns to these higher vibrational light platforms of consciousness. Simultaneously your electrical systems and physical cells are being realigned to your frequency of ‘Home’ of your Higher Selves.


This is a natural organic process of returning, reuniting to the sacred makeup of yourself that has always operated fully intact just beyond the veils. This aspect of you has been your guiding light whether you have been aware of this or not. This entire process of your transformation is ‘you re-birthing yourself’.


Each one of you have a pivotal role to play in the ultimate transformation of the planet and in creating a shift of consciousness for all of humanity. No one person is insignificant in this entire play out. Each one of you have pre agreed to be here on the earth plane at this juncture and to contribute your unique frequency of source that you hold within. Collectively you create a pure completion energy that ultimately will be the transforming element for the entire planet. As Earth completes this transition of ‘the new dawning’ the entire Universe can begin to enter its new era of an upgraded phase of consciousness.


We alongside the rest of the Universe are witnessing you, we acknowledge your courage and strength as you take your next steps forward. Remember all is in hand, continue to let go and align constantly within your Heart, to move beyond the illusion and expand your alignment to Truth.



The Pleiadians