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Christine’s Message June 2022



I have just spent the last three weeks in the outback region of the Northern Territory in Alice Springs, Australia and then we travelled down to the magnificent space of Uluru. 


I felt a deep calling within my heart to return to this area of the world, to Alice Springs, which is in the outback region of the Northern Territory in Australia. During the first few days in ‘the Alice’ I experienced being fully embraced as I entered the sacred lands of the indigenous aboriginals. I feel the importance of my returning to this amazing area of Australia. 


Unexpectedly, a deep calling from the sacred lands here has tremendously touched me. The essence of the ‘Dreaming’ is entrenched throughout the area. My heart has been strongly linked, aligned to this pure force of consciousness. I have received a profound reconnection to the sacred ancient source held within this place. Feels like a returning! 


Before embarking on this journey Alisa and I were given a very clear understanding that our next steps would be revealed to us during our visit to Alice Springs and Uluru. We both received a very clear message of our next step. We are taking a moment to be with this revelation! 


I am aware I have been launched onto the next phase of my path and transformed within the intense space of light in Uluru. Renewed, re-awakened and received. The spaces that have opened within feel as though I have fulfilled one aspect of my purpose. One doorway is closed, has completed, while an entirely new doorway has become open to me.  


I am filled with a great appreciation for all that I have received, all that has been. There is joy within my knowing and confusion, disorientation within my Ego mind as I move forward within a higher purpose and perspective. I look forward to sharing this ongoing unfolding journey with you very soon.


Love and blessings,