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Pleiadian Message May 2022

Beloved ones we greet you,


You hold the sacred Chalice within your Heart’s structure. An original blueprint that you have always been destined to return. Your sacred blueprint is uniquely yours and it exists within the multidimensional fluid realm within your Hearts structure. This Blueprint has begun to vibrate, there is a quickening taking place within your sacred essence, which is interacting within your brain cells of your telepathic center. The Pineal is beginning to respond to these activations which have been set off through a destined time clock within you.


The recognition of your unique light is accessible through your Heart space and this vibrational light of you can only be fully utilized through the conscious interaction by you. Your conscious choice interaction begin to access a higher cycle of your consciousness, as you move your awareness to re-align to your Heart space.




  1. Hold your awareness on your Heart as you place with both hands on your chest.
  2. Utilize the Conscious breath, a breath in and out of the mouth, place it into your Heart like a soft wind.
  3. Utilize the sacred sound, AHNNN…(pronounced ARNN..) to set these re-alignments in motion within you.
  4. Just let go into that which you see sense or feel.
  5. Then place the words, ‘”I AM”, within your Heart space.


Do this process daily, as often as you can. Allow your unfolding.


We cannot do this process on your behalf. You are the one to resurrect into your Heart’s frequency so that the light of yourself begins to flow and merge within your physical cells. This is the action of your self-realization, the act of self-healing. Tending to yourself is choosing to access the light within your Heart’s sphere. This is a natural process of returning, you choosing to return to the higher consciousness light that you are, that you have always been.

Claim ownership of your Heart, as a multidimensional tool of higher consciousness. The words, “I AM”, activate the receivership of your higher- self knowing.

Be still and choose to return to yourself, to your Heart.


We witness you.



The Pleiadians