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Pleiadian Message April 2022

Beloved ones we greet you,

Shifting dimensional networks are being revealed throughout your planet for you to be launched within the next phase of your transmutation process. There is a higher resonance opening through your Heart center holding the mirrored frequencies steady so that you can allow transformation.

You are being called to spend moments in stillness, to be within your Heart and allow an alignment of transformation to be set in motion within your systems. Remember this time is about you consciously choosing to change, letting go and moving within the new rhythm of these higher frequencies.

This time is about ‘You Rebirthing You’. Yes, we hold the platform for humanity, for those of you who are ready to align, to make another turn of the wheel.

There is no mystery here, simply the requirement to build your path Home through your Heart. On that pathway, your next steps will be revealed to you!


The Pleiadians