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Pleiadian Message March 2022

Beloved ones we greet you,


Shafts of light are radiating from the Sacred Sun onto your earth plane, shifting the illusion and opening the higher consciousness realms on your planet. This is a time of the acceleration of your transmutation within your systems and transformation within the energetic webbing within Earth.


We, alongside the entire Universal community are holding a platform for the entire energetic profile of your planet to transform. This is a time of total energetic change and simultaneously the 3rd dimensional drama on your planet expands, explodes. Do not fear the drama, this is simply the necessary playout of destiny at this juncture.


Stay focused within your Heart and allow the inner transformation to unfold within you. This is your mission right now, to focus on developing an inner alignment and open to your authentic guidance from your multidimensional Heart.


Allow your perceptions to shift as you align within your Heart. These understandings will carry you into another experience which exists simultaneously to the drama. One expression is drama, and the other is one based on Truth.


You are being called to link within your Heart and allow an unfolding, an unveiling of yourself within your Heart. All is in hand, take the path of your Heart and live within the space of unlimited expression of the light which you are!


We witness you.



The Pleiadians