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Christine’s Message March 2022


I have been witnessing a continual changing landscape of energy within the planet over this last month. The Pleiadians are speaking about a higher intensity of light that has been building since we entered March. Waves of brilliant light that will continue to intensify as the magnetic core of Earth expands its electrical flow.

I personally have been finding myself in many diverse altered reality states of consciousness. As though I have entered another ‘time realm’ and am encountering a new profile of my own energetic consciousness. During these diverse spaces I can access a pure expanded consciousness of myself, experiencing peace and knowing. As I return to my original state of consciousness, I am left feeling disorientated, disconnected, and vastly changed.

The Galactic community and the Galactic council are playing a prominent part in setting these higher dimensional states in motion within the planet. These frequencies are designed to launch each one of us on the path in a more complete way. Each one of us has a diverse vibrational frequency in which to align within this higher framework of light. Each one of us is being launched within these higher spaces, being received within a more expanded consciousness network.

This is a profound time that we are entering, different than ever before and now it is essential that we collectively support each other. You can achieve this by entering your own Heart space consciously and sending an energetic frequency of love outwards to all humanity that is currently on the path.

Know that I am holding the Platform for all that are on an active path of awakening.

Love and blessings,